Morning Musume’14 – It’s super effective!

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What’s your favourite Berryz Koubou single? What’s your favourite H!P member and why is it Suzuki Airi? I took it upon myself to answer the most fundamental of them all – What’s your favourite group among H!P?

Okay, so Morning Musume was giving us some really shitty singles the last couple of years.

A gratuitous picture of Fukumura’s enormous talent to recompansate for it.

Fukumura Mizuki, Magazine-440542We can move on.

Let’s see. For me it started with Pepper Keibu. (I forgave them Mikan just because of Resonant Blue immediately aferwards). I love the song but it was merely a cover. Because of the fake date with the hopeless dream chaser I though I might just cry. The sound of the group was just… I don’t know.  Bland? Boring? Off key? Whiney? You name it.With all due respect to JunJun and LinLin but they’re voices were just annoying. This plus the arrangements Tsunku gave them, corresponded to the fact that I actually picked Buono as my favourite group at that time. But those songs weren’t the worst. Just one of them all was the proverbial nail to the coffin of my Morning Musume luvv – Seishun Collection. WHAT.THE.HELL. I’d trade all PyokoPyoko nonsense for erasing Seishun Collection from my memory. If it was recorded in 2009 I’d totally include it in

BUT Morning Musume  is the history! There’s no H!P without MM! They deserve the respect and if anybody outside wotaku family wanted me to tell them anything about Hello Project, I’d introduce them to Sayumi’s boobs and  Kanashimi Twilight.

Maybe then some C-ute in slow-motion. (gif from

kmabuttshake2Yep. That would work.

So I stuck to being a Morning Musume lover regardless the fact that it was soo long since any of their songs were on my playlist. It felt like the right thing to do. You don’t just abandon the band you used to know love.

But Tsunku sama finally, after a steaming pile of shitty singles, created the right music for Momusu…


This might actually work...

This might actually work…

Okay, maybe that wasn’t the main factor behind their victorious return. I mean, Tsunku can’t take all the credit. It was probably the new generation, right? The miracle happened (sorry, Koharu) and the fresh blood in the group did the trick. Geez, those girls must be prodigies.

Morning Musume. Concert Tour 2011 Haru Shin Soseiki Fantasy DX - 9 Kimen wo Mukaete - .mp4_000087921

Okay, maybe not THIS one. She looks mighty stupid.

Morning Musume. Concert Tour 2011 Haru Shin Soseiki Fantasy DX - 9 Kimen wo Mukaete - .mp4_003450246Woah. This one looks like Sayumi’s ugly retarded sister.

Morning Musume. Concert Tour 2011 Haru Shin Soseiki Fantasy DX - 9 Kimen wo Mukaete - .mp4_000089155

I’d really expect more facial expressions from an ex-Egg. She has the experience, right?

Morning Musume. Concert Tour 2011 Haru Shin Soseiki Fantasy DX - 9 Kimen wo Mukaete - .mp4_003629392

Yep this one did it.

Just joking (OR AM I…). Because the real answer is somewhere else.

Tsunku used FORMATION DANCE and it's super effective

YES! That’s something brining the new flavour to Momusu. I was really surprised to see new generations added to group and performing those super complicated dances without the usual newbie awkwardness (or just the bare minimum of it since Haruna really can’t help herself). They did it fiercely, confidently and Tsunku even gave them some decent songs like Wagamama ki no mama Sayu’s lips close-ups /Ai no Goddamn or recently Kimi no KawarNIPPON NIPPON NIPPON NIPPON NIPPON. You have to watch the following erformance to truly appreciate their recovered glory.

Now I can proudly say again. No regrets. I’m a Morning Musume fan.


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