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Japan Expo 2014 Part 7 second signing (Airi-ME contact achieved)

Sheesh, this report is getting longer and longer 🙂 It turned out to be quite a diary but it’s very important for me to remember every moment.

After the conference I decided to watch the girls during the second signing session. I couldn’t attend it but was still surprised to see that I could stand really close to the queue. We exchanged lots of waves and smiles mostly with Airi who was very generous and some with other C-ute members. Airi was by far the most expressive one with her famous playful facial expressions. There are tons of photos online.

I ran for my sister to come and look at my idols live and when she came she was as shocked that it was soo incredibly easy to see them up close! I’m not sure that even if I went to Japan I’d have the same opportunity.

Time during the second signing was spend trying to encourage any of the members to wave back. They did that a lot but you never knew if that particlar wave/hearts sign/peace sign was directed at you and not at all the other eager people around you. I was somewhat shy to scream too loud and I found my voice too weak even if I tried. I noticed how a guy standing not far away from me had this strong booming voice. I immediately thought: “Good job!”. He started some chanting and managed to get the girls attention which was really good. I learnt that day the famous Berryz ikube! C-ute saikou! Chinami and Momo took photos of us all and I want to see them so much 😀

Many fans gathered around and I had the chance to give out more candy. I received many gifts. If one small photo of Airi made me cry I probably should have died of heart attack that instant because of the things I got from other fans (one of them was Airi’s PB/beauty book or whatever that was didn’tmatterhadAiriandwasperfect). It was UNREAL. It was like being on constant high. Like being washed off the shore by a great wave of idols. Receiving so much merchendise made me feel really bad about not owning any (I guess that’s how the whole “giveaway” works, amirite? You give some and the person feels obliged to buy some :D). I went to the NoLife booth and bought myself the greatest of them all (because paid with my own money) Suzuki Airi towel. I value it so much. Nobody would ask me about my oshimen. They would know and it felt really nice.

When I came back I noticed somebody in the crowd that I knew. A Japanese guy from my hostel who I knew would attend the concert. He was a MaiMai fan. And he won the drawing! I couldn’t believe my luck! I ran up to him and thought that it was my moment. I could ask him to get Airi’s autograph! He was sincerely surprised that a person can have many items signed. He didn’t even expect to have a CD signed by more than one member! When I told him the news he and his friends almost cried. JE you’re confusing == He agreed to take Airi’s PB and I stood close to the signing place so I could see Airi sign the book for me. About halfway through an idea struck and I almost did a major facepalm in front of everybody. I signaled for my friend (jeez, I still don’t know his name. His English was okay but we didn’t have an popportunity to exchange names) and managed to run up to him and quickly pass my request.

I asked him to tell Airi to write my name and tell her that a girls in a pink wig is her big fan. I was to stand in one place and hopefully exchange a nice wave or two. God I was so nervous it wouldn’t work.

I waited for him to approach the girls. Some reporter stood in front of me and Airi wouldn’t be able to spot me D: I was close to throwing my phone at him. Luckily (srsly, the amount of sheer luck I had that day was MONUMENTAL), the guy moved away just in time my Japanese friend started to get his CD signed by Berryz girls. When he walked up to Airi I felt like my whole body was sweating. I could here anything but after his words Airi did a series of cute sad faces and clearly declined something (later I learnt that she couldn’t write anybody’s name so she drew a heart next to her autograph as she explained). She did her signature and then listened to what my friend told her.

She looked me straight in the eye and I think the Earth stopped revolving. South became North, icebergs melted and polar bears started dancing Macarena. My mind became a big bucket of pink fluff. Airi did some cute signs with her hand in quick succession and my mind later registared that she was repeating my signs (mostly a heart sign and “ok” to a cheek) plus some waves. I think I cried. I think my eyeballs started sweating. The friend passed me the signed PB and I put it next to my heart with the cover visible to Airi.

When the signing ended and the girls started to say their mute goodbyes to us I showed Airi the signed book and bowed mouthing Arigato with tears in my eyes. She nodded and smiled at me.

The contact was achieved. The one I never dreamt of achieving. And it wasn’t even the handshake!

Here are the photos of goods I received from the nicest people I’ve ever met.


And some special photos of Airi’s book. Every picture inside is just perfect.


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Japan Expo 2014 PART 6 The conference

The day started with choosing the outfit. I opted for a short  black skirt, my Team Berikyuu T-shirt and a pink wig I decided to decorate with cat’s ears headband and a cherry pin. From the lobby of my hostel I managed to send a message on Hello!Online about my outfit so ppl would recognise me. I packed my Polish candy and was ready to go.

                                                                                  The secret ingredient is COCAINE .

Okay, just vodka. What did you expect from Polish candy anyway?! :>

Again, from the very early morning I harrassed the JE staff for information, although I already knew everything but I was just so stressed and giddy.  I harrassed the official JE booth the most since they had the H!P staff so eventually they gave me my goodie bag that comes with a premium concert ticket way earlier than they announced. Well, asking for it like 100 times helped a bit 😀 The goodie bag consisted of a poster, album and a black T-shirt (the same girls wore that day). I oggled those items in my booth waiting for JE to open. I looked at the tracklist of the album and was happy that Yurushite Nyan was there and slightly sad that my song “Berryz Kamen” wasn’t. Still I was satisfied with the choice.

When the time for first premium JE ticket holders to enter the expo came, I went to the signing place and felt immediately taken back. I didn’t know any of those ppl! Did I really expect them to yell ” Hi, nyuchan!” ? The wota family is big and I only knew some of them online. I wandered around the queue willing myself to be brave and just talk to any of those ppl. They had merchendise all over them. I admired the T-shirts, the towels and felt really out of place. Then I noticed a Kappa costume and recognised chobineko.  I knew how she looked from her website photos and Youtube channel and of course from the previous H!P concerts in France 🙂 She was in the line for the first-come-first-serve signing and I felt like a total stalker waiting for her. I jumped at her when she finished and my heart was racing (not in a perverted way but pretty close :D). She turned out to be as sweet and kind as I thought she would be and then some more. And boy was she excited! I gave her my secret Polish candy and helped her to find the official JE boutique so she could take her goodie bag. I was surprised how excited and stressed she was. Next to her enthusiasm I felt relatively calm and composed 😀

And then she did something that I would never expect. She offered to take my poster to the signing.

I was speechless. 1. I didn’t know that a person can take more than one item to the signing. 2. I didn’t know that anybody would be willing to do it for a person they didn’t even know too well

I think I fell in love with this bundle of energy and sweetness that is Angelique that instant. It was the first nice thing any fan did to me and that was just the beginning.

She asked which member’s sign would I want and I knew that Airi is of course her favourite so I said it didn’t even matter. Of course I have my favourite in both groups but all of them are precious to me in their own way. That’s why I wrote Team Berikyuu not Team C-ute or Team Berryz Koubou on my T-shirt. She promised to get Maasa’s and Chinami’s signs and give me the poster at the conference. I showed her my booth and we parted. I went to queue for the conference. I expected hundreds of people already there but I was the only one. A conference for some anime already started so I was standing at the railing when some fans came. One of them was Japanese and the other French that spoke English well. The man was Ethaneal Natsugaya.



He made sure with the JE staff (happy to talk to a French speaking person :D) that we’re standing in the right place. The security prepared the line for the conference so we were the first ppl. Of course the first in the line for ordinary ppl without the JE premium tickets/Press/VIP. We talked a lot but mostly I listened to his stories :)) He’s been to Japan and apparently was a hardcore Risako lover (I felt bad about bashing her so much on my blog but shh… 😉 He volunteered to translate the conference if I sat next to him (which I vowed to do no matter what). New fans came and more people returned from the signing session I kinda felt sorry for skipping. I couldn’t do both.And then another small miracle happened which made me believe in the unity of wota family. Some random guy that I’ve never seen before asked about my favourite member ( I neeply regretted not having any Suzuki Airi merch on me) and gave me this:


He gave out other pictures to different people around me but I was the only one that started crying (that was just the beginning of the pattern of me crying all of the sudden ==). Ethan translated to this guy how much this small gesture meant to me. I had chobineko signing my poster and this nice man giving me Airi’s photo. I couldn’t believe how blessed I was. Yeah, laugh go on. Because it doesn’t really mean anything, right? It’s just one picture. But for me it was huge.

Later, JE staff came up to us with pieces of paper to write questions for the girls to ask them during the concert. I asked Ethan to translate for me two: Was pole dancing difficult? (I knew it was but I wanted them to talk a bit about it) And if they would like to do more tap dancing during concerts.

Premium tickets already sat in the very centre so we decided for the right side which was closer to stage. Chobineko came and sat in the centre so I went to her and got my poster back. The right side was the Berryz Koubou corner but I just wanted to be close to my new friends and understand the conference. I was the only Airi fan on this side and slowly I began to be Team C-ute more than Team Berryz Koubou. Another guy came up and talked a bit with Ethan and gave me those awesome stickers.


I had no time to cry again and express my happiness properly because soon the girls came and I was too busy screaming. Ethan managed to sneak a red penlight in my hand (me supporting Risako, the world is ending XD).

Seeing the girls was surreal. It was everything I imagined and it shocked me. They were there in front of me, without the glass screen looking like normal human beings with legs, eyes and facial expressions. They reacted to the crowd with waving and smiled at us. I know how it sounds. Of course they’re human beings! >< But it’s so easy to forget about it when you just watch the PVs. I don’t know how to explain it. I felt obliged to show them how much I love them and how I longed for this moment. And I think they received the message because the conference hall was loud with our screams and our faces were sore from the constant beaming.

The girls walked on stage and…. sat the other way round! So I had C-ute in front of me! Hehe, the Berryz Fans around me screamed for them to change places but Momo saved the day by swapping the signs. I was so glad ❤ I wasn’t in the centre so I got Chisato and Nakky straight in front of me.

I won’t re-tell the conference because many ppl already did that and you can read the translations but I can tell you what I noticed:


– poor Nakky fell off the bar stool many times before she decided she could just lean on it. Later Chissa did the same and both had some whispering conversations clearly concerning those stools XD They were clearly uncomfortable

– Nakky and MaiMai looked scared of us. Okay, we did look mighty obsessed and fanatical but they definitely have seen some weird shit fans in Japan as well (even weirder I’m pretty sure). Was it the racial/cultural difference? Or were they just nervous and shy? They never look shy and nervous in Japanese lives so I was surprised.

– Momo stood out the most. Just as I expected her to be she was the usual over the top/helium addict we love to hate. She made us do the Yurushite Nyan which we all did with great delight. She also made us do the horse which wasn’t as nice. Of course we all did it enthusiastically but inside a part of my soul died just a bit. Is there a video of us doing it? Please, God no! >o<

– (don’t take this one too seriously 🙂 Maimi was smiling really brightly and out of the C-ute girls I think she tried her hardest. It’s just my subjective opinion but I think she wanted to express “Please, like me”.  Other girls were more like: “I appreciate your support” (Airi was the best example of that) “It’s fun! Unicorns fly and rainbows taste like cotton candy” (Momochii of course), “I’m the Queen and you’re my peasants” (Miya and Risako) or “JUST LEAVE ME ALONE” (MaiMai, Nakky, Chissa, Yurina, Maasa ….) Maimi had a completely different vibe.

– questions were BORING and PREDICTABLE. I’m sure there were better ones out there. What’s Risako’s favourite colour?! WHAT THE HELL? The beatbox was nice at least. I would like some acapella to it as well.

– some girls had problems answering the questions. Especially MaiMai was often out of words and other girls had to help her. It was imperfect but showed another side to my favourite idols so I felt happy 🙂

– I don’t know how Chinami’s special glowstick move (THE BARREL :D) originated but doing the move just for her was fun

When the conference ended and the girls left the stage I felt totally spent. I looked around and wondered how the girls would leave the hall for the second signing session. I noticed some space on the right which was separated from the hall yet had some holes in it and I noticed the girls there. I wasn’t the only one and we all ran there. The girls were soo close and we exchanged waves and smiles 😀 We sang an early Happy Birtday for Maasa in French and I think she said Merci or I love you in French 🙂 I even shared a special moment with Chinami who did a strange semi wave like the ones models do at pageants or Queen Elisabeth. I parroted the wave with a silly face and she laughed. This was amazing!

Thinking back about it it must have been hard for them. They were chased, screamed at while expected to maintain eye contact and exchange gestures/signs with their fans. I would be terrified :O Especially after the AKB48 incident when some psycho attacked the girls at the handshake.

Woah, the emotions were high and the drawing signing session didn’t even start.


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Have I missed anything?

I went a bit Hello!Project cold turkey so to speak. Apparently, stuff happened. Let’s look at the profile pictures.

who are you people?!

who are you people?!

Nice to meet you random people. Oh, hi Sayumi. I haven’t noticed you from the back. It was so worth it working hard for Tsunku, wasn’t it? Could you please ask the Thing next to you to stop glaring at me?

musume brainstorming bag

Thanks for the effort, Sayu. Really, I appreciate it a lot.

I know SOME of the knew faces and a couple of names. Ikuta Reina/Erina/Whatever. That’s the fat one, right? Ikubou Haruka: short hair, looks like Miyamoto Karin from Eggs. Mizuki is the real ex-Egg. Bland face, works as a backup cute character for Sayu. Oda is the newest one. She sang in Help me and was kinda good at it. Her face looks like Miyabi’s which is NOT a compliment. Riho, the perfect one. Suddenly, Tsunku thought: “hey, why not adding a talented girl for a change?”. And…. that’s all honestly. But I heard the songs. Song. Songs. I’m not sure. Wasn’t it the same electro single with different remixes? I could swear that was just one song. I’m still brainstorming over that (KABOON here goes the lame joke).crazy otona*the sound of fap..I mean clapping* It has such a potential. Airi looking hot, hot, HOT. And Maimi. Where are your amazing legs? Sexy Naki? Not very convincing. Chisato, why your jacket is so long? Are you hiding a belly? Are you? :] Mhm, very alluring. Just one slight problem… how old is MaiMai? Is she legal? Let me check…

Hagiwara+MaiTotally legal… Thailand.

The crazy otona something single. Do you really want my opinion? Do you have ears? Great, stick to that and avoid any contact with this creation. Or switch off the audio.


Somebody killed a whole bunch of zebras. There’s still some blood on the collar. And the title of the single? “Dakishimete was good let’s do it again”? “Safari celebration”? ‘What’s wrong with your hair Risako”? Lame, really lame ppl.

Smileage-Tabidachi-no-Haru-ga-Kita-Outfits-1Oh, you multiplied. Phew, it’s good Kanon is still there. Just keep your hair shorter, pls. The girl behind Wada looks cute. Lovely teeth Airi style. The other new faces not so much cute. Especially, the one next to Wada and Kanon. The hell is THAT? Tsunku, you’re losing your touch (WARNING a lame joke skipped due to pervertness overload)

Okay, let’s see whose there.

678px-Vocalist_(Kikkawa_You)_DVD*nosebleed* Holy Wonky Eyes of Queen Reina! Kikkawa, my beauty! Red suits you well! No zebra this time, thank you God for small favours.

Okay, show me the last one.


I mean there was one more soloist, right?


Mano? Maaanooo. Where are you?  Chip, chip.


She did what?


I wasn’t her fan or anything but still … I mean …




listening to: Kikkawa Yuu: Konna Watashi de Yokattara

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Sparkling sparkles all around

Being a devoted Airi lover like me means waiting for another C-ute music video with anticipation. I know I can count on her line whoring having much screen time :] I heard the previews for Momoiro Sparkling and was more than dissapointed. Sweet forgettable pop for such an epic group? C’mon, they need something fierce, something even better than Dance de Bakoon, something that will take Kiss me Aishiteru to another level. And what’s here? Shouchuu Omi mai Moushigamesu ver 2. Was it really such an amazing selling record that you decided to repeat it, Tsunku? Srsly?

You see, I wasn’t expecting much from the PV. To be honest, I expected a total disaster.

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Era of the Green Giant!

My recent post was about releasing your inner Risako lover. We all know that miss Sugaya is the Queen of Screen Time and the resident of the  Line-Whoring Land (along with Takitty, Reina and Airi :D).

Risako here…

Risako there…

Risako everywhere…

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Mano Erina-The Spawn of Satan

Mano Erina used to be this cute little kid without any traces of personality whatsoever.

Her 8th single is called “Genkimono de Ikou!” and overall is a catchy, cute generic pop song.  A bit too weak for a hit but still worth putting on my mp3 😀 We expected a lot from the PV since some famous dude directed it. Boy, were we wrong.  This PV proves the theory that too much of plot and not enough of cuteness can ruin a PV.

According to King Julian XII

“More cute less plot makes King Julian a happy lemur!”

What we got instead?


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Worst PB shots contest

The essence of a well-made Photobook is its fapability factor. And the main thing responsible for the high level of fapabilty are bikini shots (Fig.1)

Fig.1 Connection between Bikini Shots and the Level of Fapability


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