Japan Expo 2014 Part 7 second signing (Airi-ME contact achieved)

July 15, 2014 at 1:12 AM 4 comments

Sheesh, this report is getting longer and longer 🙂 It turned out to be quite a diary but it’s very important for me to remember every moment.

After the conference I decided to watch the girls during the second signing session. I couldn’t attend it but was still surprised to see that I could stand really close to the queue. We exchanged lots of waves and smiles mostly with Airi who was very generous and some with other C-ute members. Airi was by far the most expressive one with her famous playful facial expressions. There are tons of photos online.

I ran for my sister to come and look at my idols live and when she came she was as shocked that it was soo incredibly easy to see them up close! I’m not sure that even if I went to Japan I’d have the same opportunity.

Time during the second signing was spend trying to encourage any of the members to wave back. They did that a lot but you never knew if that particlar wave/hearts sign/peace sign was directed at you and not at all the other eager people around you. I was somewhat shy to scream too loud and I found my voice too weak even if I tried. I noticed how a guy standing not far away from me had this strong booming voice. I immediately thought: “Good job!”. He started some chanting and managed to get the girls attention which was really good. I learnt that day the famous Berryz ikube! C-ute saikou! Chinami and Momo took photos of us all and I want to see them so much 😀

Many fans gathered around and I had the chance to give out more candy. I received many gifts. If one small photo of Airi made me cry I probably should have died of heart attack that instant because of the things I got from other fans (one of them was Airi’s PB/beauty book or whatever that was didn’tmatterhadAiriandwasperfect). It was UNREAL. It was like being on constant high. Like being washed off the shore by a great wave of idols. Receiving so much merchendise made me feel really bad about not owning any (I guess that’s how the whole “giveaway” works, amirite? You give some and the person feels obliged to buy some :D). I went to the NoLife booth and bought myself the greatest of them all (because paid with my own money) Suzuki Airi towel. I value it so much. Nobody would ask me about my oshimen. They would know and it felt really nice.

When I came back I noticed somebody in the crowd that I knew. A Japanese guy from my hostel who I knew would attend the concert. He was a MaiMai fan. And he won the drawing! I couldn’t believe my luck! I ran up to him and thought that it was my moment. I could ask him to get Airi’s autograph! He was sincerely surprised that a person can have many items signed. He didn’t even expect to have a CD signed by more than one member! When I told him the news he and his friends almost cried. JE you’re confusing == He agreed to take Airi’s PB and I stood close to the signing place so I could see Airi sign the book for me. About halfway through an idea struck and I almost did a major facepalm in front of everybody. I signaled for my friend (jeez, I still don’t know his name. His English was okay but we didn’t have an popportunity to exchange names) and managed to run up to him and quickly pass my request.

I asked him to tell Airi to write my name and tell her that a girls in a pink wig is her big fan. I was to stand in one place and hopefully exchange a nice wave or two. God I was so nervous it wouldn’t work.

I waited for him to approach the girls. Some reporter stood in front of me and Airi wouldn’t be able to spot me D: I was close to throwing my phone at him. Luckily (srsly, the amount of sheer luck I had that day was MONUMENTAL), the guy moved away just in time my Japanese friend started to get his CD signed by Berryz girls. When he walked up to Airi I felt like my whole body was sweating. I could here anything but after his words Airi did a series of cute sad faces and clearly declined something (later I learnt that she couldn’t write anybody’s name so she drew a heart next to her autograph as she explained). She did her signature and then listened to what my friend told her.

She looked me straight in the eye and I think the Earth stopped revolving. South became North, icebergs melted and polar bears started dancing Macarena. My mind became a big bucket of pink fluff. Airi did some cute signs with her hand in quick succession and my mind later registared that she was repeating my signs (mostly a heart sign and “ok” to a cheek) plus some waves. I think I cried. I think my eyeballs started sweating. The friend passed me the signed PB and I put it next to my heart with the cover visible to Airi.

When the signing ended and the girls started to say their mute goodbyes to us I showed Airi the signed book and bowed mouthing Arigato with tears in my eyes. She nodded and smiled at me.

The contact was achieved. The one I never dreamt of achieving. And it wasn’t even the handshake!

Here are the photos of goods I received from the nicest people I’ve ever met.


And some special photos of Airi’s book. Every picture inside is just perfect.


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  • 1. MTSayuRin  |  July 16, 2014 at 4:48 PM

    Such wonderful memories. 🙂 I look forward to reading some more! I have Airi-al too, it’s one of my most favourite idol purchases of all time. I got the poster signed myself, I had plenty of C-ute merch I would have loved to get signed, but nothing from Berryz.

    • 2. ladybird  |  July 16, 2014 at 11:02 PM

      Airi-al is the prettiest of them all 😀 If you wear Berryz T-shirt for next Japan Expo you might get some Berryz merch as well ;D Get the stuff and switch to C-ute again 😀

      • 3. MTSayuRin  |  July 17, 2014 at 2:38 PM

        Haha. xD I wasn’t given any merch this year though, I meant the stuff I have at home. I also brought a C-ute visual book from home to get signed and was planning to buy a Berryz visual book at the Expo. I was surprised at the lack of goods for sale.

        • 4. ladybird  |  July 17, 2014 at 7:01 PM

          True. I was surprised as well. They would make a lot more money if they had more merch to sell. No life sold all the towels in no time. We had to look through the whole JE halls for anything at all.


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