Have I missed anything?

April 1, 2013 at 8:46 PM 2 comments

I went a bit Hello!Project cold turkey so to speak. Apparently, stuff happened. Let’s look at the profile pictures.

who are you people?!

who are you people?!

Nice to meet you random people. Oh, hi Sayumi. I haven’t noticed you from the back. It was so worth it working hard for Tsunku, wasn’t it? Could you please ask the Thing next to you to stop glaring at me?

musume brainstorming bag

Thanks for the effort, Sayu. Really, I appreciate it a lot.

I know SOME of the knew faces and a couple of names. Ikuta Reina/Erina/Whatever. That’s the fat one, right? Ikubou Haruka: short hair, looks like Miyamoto Karin from Eggs. Mizuki is the real ex-Egg. Bland face, works as a backup cute character for Sayu. Oda is the newest one. She sang in Help me and was kinda good at it. Her face looks like Miyabi’s which is NOT a compliment. Riho, the perfect one. Suddenly, Tsunku thought: “hey, why not adding a talented girl for a change?”. And…. that’s all honestly. But I heard the songs. Song. Songs. I’m not sure. Wasn’t it the same electro single with different remixes? I could swear that was just one song. I’m still brainstorming over that (KABOON here goes the lame joke).crazy otona*the sound of fap..I mean clapping* It has such a potential. Airi looking hot, hot, HOT. And Maimi. Where are your amazing legs? Sexy Naki? Not very convincing. Chisato, why your jacket is so long? Are you hiding a belly? Are you? :] Mhm, very alluring. Just one slight problem… how old is MaiMai? Is she legal? Let me check…

Hagiwara+MaiTotally legal…..in Thailand.

The crazy otona something single. Do you really want my opinion? Do you have ears? Great, stick to that and avoid any contact with this creation. Or switch off the audio.


Somebody killed a whole bunch of zebras. There’s still some blood on the collar. And the title of the single? “Dakishimete was good let’s do it again”? “Safari celebration”? ‘What’s wrong with your hair Risako”? Lame, really lame ppl.

Smileage-Tabidachi-no-Haru-ga-Kita-Outfits-1Oh, you multiplied. Phew, it’s good Kanon is still there. Just keep your hair shorter, pls. The girl behind Wada looks cute. Lovely teeth Airi style. The other new faces not so much cute. Especially, the one next to Wada and Kanon. The hell is THAT? Tsunku, you’re losing your touch (WARNING a lame joke skipped due to pervertness overload)

Okay, let’s see whose there.

678px-Vocalist_(Kikkawa_You)_DVD*nosebleed* Holy Wonky Eyes of Queen Reina! Kikkawa, my beauty! Red suits you well! No zebra this time, thank you God for small favours.

Okay, show me the last one.


I mean there was one more soloist, right?


Mano? Maaanooo. Where are you?  Chip, chip.


She did what?


I wasn’t her fan or anything but still … I mean …




listening to: Kikkawa Yuu: Konna Watashi de Yokattara

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Sparkling sparkles all around Morning Musume’14 – It’s super effective!

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  • 1. isilwentari  |  April 2, 2013 at 1:38 AM

    NYUUUUUUUU-CHAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!! I’ve missed you so! ;_; Does this mean you’re back, or just stopping in? Are you blogging about something else now, or just not blogging at all? GOOD TO SEE YOU!!

    • 2. ladybird  |  April 2, 2013 at 1:08 PM

      Hi 😀 Nice to see old faces 🙂 I haven’t been blogging at all. Just lurking around from time to time. I’m super busy these days. I’ll try to post but can’t promise for it to be too often. Still, good to see you too 🙂


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