Japan Expo 2014 PART 1 All the scenarios

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Back in 2010 I made a post https://nyuchandesu.wordpress.com/2010/05/08/i-got-pwned/

Because, yeah I got pwned by my sister who went to Japan Expo and when they announced that Morning Musume was coming it was too late for me to purchase the ticket as my sister had everything already booked. Soo poor me. Every other year I swore I’d go with her and every other year it was a money issue (I was still a poor student at the University or just started my working career striving to make the ends meet)Obrazek The photo above is a dramatic reenacment of me saving up for the trip.The next scene titled “selling my kidney on eBay” was too drastic to show here

Finally with year 2013 good news came. My financial status was better and I promised myself that in 2014 I would go with my sister to Japan Expo (why am I so persistent to go with her? She knows the venue, more or less knows the city and would book all shit 😀 yey for lazy me).

We had to buy the tickets, book the hotel much much earlier without any news of guest of honour. But my guts told me that somebody form H!P would come. I mean, it’s the 15th anniversary of the event right? I had different scenarios in mind:

1. Morning Musume – that was the most probable option. They are more trendy again and seem like a great guest of honour. Sayumi! And argh… I’m not familiar with the rest. I mean, I am but not as much as I would be with the 2010 crew. But who cares. Sayumi!!!! Plus seeing their dances live would be a huge deal for me. They look stunning live! Drool :D~~~~~~

2. C-ute – again? Not very likely. Well, my Oshimen is there (Airir saiko!!!!!) and I know all the members. Chisato is my second favourite in the group, Nakky being the very last (I don’t even know why, not that I don’t like her but I like her the least of all of them)

3. Berryz Koubou – yes yes yes yessss Okey, Airi is my favourite with Sayumi close behind but Berryz Koubou is a group with more members so the experience would be better. And seeing MOMO!!!! She seems to be the most likeable in live performances. She’s just very entertaining with her facial expressions and over the top antics. Yeah, pretty annoying but she’s very responsive and that’s what I look for in a live performance experience. I want to wave at ther until my hand falls off. And then wave the hand with the other hand. (it does make sense, right?)

4. Juice=Juice – oh, dear God please not them. I enjoy their songs but can’t even name any of the members D: I would attend the concert secretly hoping that any other special guest from H!P would appear like Yuko with MM. Fuck, I’d shout more at Makoto than them XD

5. S/mileage – *sigh* I really love you Kanon. And you seriously grew on my Wada for the last couple of months but it’s the same situation as with Juice=Juice. I’m more of an old school wota. Hello Kids and Momusu rock my world.

6. Up Up Girls / Lovendora(I can’t even bother to look up the name) / trainees or any other minor H!P related group/soloist – that was the least likely option. I mean, it’s the 15th anniversary, right? They would like to have somebody a bit more prominent. Haven’t thought about this scenario much.

7. I can’t even write it….. No, it’s too much.

Don’t ask me…

It’s unfathomable….

I can’t……


I have nothing against the girls. It’s really nothing personal. They are just rivals to my favourite group and I coulnd’t  imagine myself cheering them on . That would be such a disaster! It’s a very popular group in Japan and it seemed pretty possible that they would have been chosen as the guest of honour. I dreaded this option the most.

8. Somebody I don’t even know or care about – Momoiro Clover? Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu? I wouldn’t attend a concert but hey, at least it’s not AKB48 XD


Not much of a spoiler alert with the title of this post but can’t be too careful 😀

Both Berryz Koubou and C-ute are coming to Japan Expo.

So dreams really do come true, right?

What were your scenarios?


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