Japan Expo 2014 PART 2 Tickets drama

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When shit got real, and Berikyuu coming to Japan Expo became official I was all over the place. I vowed to milk this experience to the maximum, to live and dream BerryzKoubou/C-ute, to learn the chants, the lyrics, the dances the EVERYTHING. I wanted to go fangirl and I mean hardcore. You know, the crying, squeling, all over the top kind you’d normally hate and avoid at any cost (I totally would).

But for this once-a-lifetime experience I just thought what the hell. The first step was to buy the ticket. And not just any ticket. The chosen one, the holy grail of tickets, the golden ticket surpassing the Wonka’s one.

The premium ticket.

The first row I wouldn’t have to camp for the whole week to get.

(I’d do that if I had to)

I didn’t know the payment method so I asked around and some ppl said that my ordinary bank account would be enough, some said I’d need a paypal , others that I’d need a dead goat and some bat blood.

I waited to the news to hit the fan.

And when they did, I was unprepared.

Let me explain. The whole plan to get the ticket was to have my sister do it. As I already mentioned in the previous post about Japan Expo, the whole trip kinda depends on her. She’s been there on various occasions and is just generally  better with this stuff than me. (and she has the paypal and I bet she has the goat).

So when I went home to ask her to buy me the ticket, well, how shall I put it. She said “fuck you”.

Not because she’s a pain in the ass (which she totally can be) but because she had no money on her account. PLUS she said I asked her to do it too late so there’s no time to transfer the money now. Yep, the tickets were to go on sale the very next day.

Was I devastated? Yep. Was I crying/throwing a tantrum? Yep.

It’s not that it wasn’t partially my fault but she knew how important it was for me but she just said “suck it up” and refused to help me with finding the alternative.

Here’s her deviantart account if you want to bash her 🙂 http://red-priest-usada.deviantart.com/

I’d appreciate it.

I thought about her friend that might also have the paypal/debit card. But my dear sis told me not to ask her since it would be considered rude. SRSLY? You mean the Hannibal Lecter kind of rude? The I’ll-eat-your-liver rude? Or just it’s-kinda-impolite-but-hey-we’re-just-humans rude?

I was ready to risk that shit. So merely a couple of hours before the tickets would be available I asked her if she could ignore the fact that she barely knew me and just buy the ticket for me.

And she said yes.

Here’s her deviantart account if you want to say how much of an amazing person she is 🙂 http://anikakinka.deviantart.com/

No seriously, please do.

Go on.

It was a huge relief but at the same time nothing was certain. When the time had come I waited connected to my facebook account to talk her through the buying process, giving her my personal data, shoe size or whatever they asked for. Exactly at about 5 minutes past the ZERO TIME I purchased the premium ticket.

I don’t remember when I was this happy. Seeing the ticket sent to my mailbox was a dream come true.

It was really happening. I’m gonna see them up front (mind the pathetic pun).Even if I came the last of the last in the premium ticket queue, I’d still be pretty close to the stage.

Wait for me Airi.




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