Japan Expo 2014 PART 3 Handshake plans

June 20, 2014 at 7:54 PM Leave a comment

As fans we all have a dream of meeting the girls. With Japan Expo I knew I wouldn’t be able to have this opportunity. I’m an exhibitor and apparently this makes me a total no-no. No singing, no handshaking, no high-fiving, no eye contact. I was DEAD to them.

Or this is what I thought.

I’ve bought the premium ticket to the concert so I’d be as close as possible. But it turned out that with the CD from the premium goodie bag I’d  be allowed to attend the handshake event.

Not in a lottery or camp-for-two-weeks way but simply “hey, you’re free to come”.

The question popped up in my head “What to say to each of them?”

Hyperventilation. Panic attack. You name it.

It’s easy in your dream. (Even easier in a wet dream). But in real life what could I possibly say? And in what language?

Let’s brainstorm the most probable scenario.

Airi – Daisuki. Aishiteru. Suki da yo. So much daisuku. *drool all over her hand*

Maimi – LEGUZU saikou *points creepily to her legs*

Chisato – Romantiku moodo daisuki.

MaiMai – Yuke yuke genki-kun?

Nakajimi Saki –  Oshimen *shakes her head no*

Momoko – Yurushite nyan?

Maasa – Happy birthday!

Yurina – GRINU GAIANTO saikou

Saki – KAPUTEINU ganbare!

Miyabi – buono desu *finger in the cheek*

 I might want to rethink it. ==’


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