Japan Expo 2014 PART 4 before the flight to Paris

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Waiting for the day of my flight to Paris was like crawling through desert towards a fridge full of icy cold water and some Airi photobooks. Difficult.
The closer I got to the date the more panicked I felt. I planned the day since I first saw them on YouTube (which btw was Sakura Mankai by Momusu and Rock n’ Roll Kenchoushozaichi ~Oboechaina Series!~ by MiniMoni). I wanted to be the hardcore wota but the reality hit me hard. And the name of the reality was MONEYZ$. T-shirts, towels, Kingblades, wristbands, posters – all the good stuff that I would love to just put on myself to express how much of a fan I am at heart (but I learnt that it’s not the only way). There was no way I would afford any of that. I was so happy that at least I could meet them.
I had to improvise. Airi’s colour is pink so I bought anything pink to wear I could get. I’ve written Team Berikyuu on a T-shirt and decided on borrowing my sister’s pink wig (which as it turned out later was a brilliant idea).
Another step was learning the chants and discovering all the songs that I might have missed out like B-sides or any album songs. I didn’t want to be surprised by any song. I put everything I could find on my mp3player on a constant loop. I was ready to force myself to listen to them even if I didn’t like them but I surprised myself. I loved them all! I haven’t been listening to either C-ute or Berryz Koubou recently. But the songs were really good!Especially Yuuwaku no Kyuujitsu by C-ute and I’m so cool by Berryz Koubou.
I imagined the last week to be all about preparing myself but it was so hectic thanks to my job, my friends, my flatmates and family. I had nightmares and trouble falling asleep. Every second of every day was filled with thoughts like:
What if I miss the flight?
What if they change the venue and I won’t know about it?
What if I’ll meet them and just freeze speechless?
What if I won’t be accepted by the fans?
But there was no time to think it over because of all the other build-up stress.
The saddest thing was that nobody really understood what I went through.
I talked with some of my friends about the concert but how much can you really say without being riddiculed?
The usual was:
There’s this group I really REALLY like and thought that I’d never ever see them live because they’re from Japan but this year they’ll perform in France and it’s as close as it gets.
I had different reactions. The most predictable was a polite “Good for you COUGH weirdo COUGH” but one of my collegues (now I don’t think that “friend” suits her best) frowned when I showed her the video and said that the girls look way too young and that I might not be a pedo but definitely support them in this way.
Can you hear it? Yes, it’s the sound of my jaw hitting the floor.
That’s perhaps why I cried myself to sleep during those days and hoping that I’ll meet peaple who feel the same I do. The people who understand what it means.
Buckle up my dear readers because it’s gonna be a very emotional report from now on. Nothing you would have expected from your old/snarky/pervy/Nyuchandesu you know.


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