Japan Expo 2014 PART 5 The 1st of July

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I’ll try to be consise because nobody wants to know about the day before the important day 🙂 But bear with me. I deeply apologise any French ppl here or anybody with a strong opinion about this country because I’m soo skipping any sightseeing I did that day.

It was great, France is very nice, my hostel was great, Paris at night is so pretty etc.

That’s all.

The day before the expo starts, exhibitors can enter and set up their stalls. I was giddy just thinking about seeing any Berikyuu posters. I slowly changed from a sister/friend the people I went with knew, to the Nyuchandesu I am deep down.  In practice it all boiled down to me spazzing around, squealling and screaming like a crazy person randomly.

The empty hall of Japan Expo was a really nice sight to see but I just looked for one thing only. And I found it.

Trying to look normal. Just conceal the excitement….

…. screw that! ~    enftiogjmtlbv,d;fk4iefncdmdmdm droool :D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I wandered around I talked to any Japan Expo staff I could find to know everything about the following Berikyuu events. That I got a cold shoulder is a tiny bit understatement. I mean they were VERY helpful and nice but overall acted like it was so strange to be into a group this hard.

For example I talked with some staff members from the signing systems to make sure that as an exhibitor I can’t attend a signing. It took half an hour and many phone calls to tell me that I could only attend the drawing session with the Japan Expo ticked I would have to buy just to be a part of the drawing.

The man I talked with looked at me and said:

Is it really that important to you? *doubtful look*

I wanted to scream : Yes it’s THAT important! It’s more important that you could even imagine but am I really the only obsessed person you’ve met working for Japan Expo for two years? Seriously? No weird looking people? Are you blind?!

And it wasn’t just this guy. I talked to many staff members that day and the following day just before the Japan Expo started. I asked various complicated questions and made sure I understood everything. I probably made them sweat and cry just a bit 🙂 I really forced them to step up with their English.

And I can’t stress it more. They were extremely nice (yet not always informed) and always trying to give me all the info I wanted even if that meant using silly preschool gestures for queueing which was hilarious.

I learnt the basic French phrases to be polite to them before jumping straight to English so don’t judge me.

But most of them reacted to me the same way.

Is it really that important to you? – kept on reapeating itself and made me doubt myself. Is it really “normal” that this is extremely important to me?

It was the day before I met any fan mind you so I only had the Japanese wotas picture in my head and nothing else to compare it to in real life. Would people be more reasonable/laid back about Berikyuu? Less panicky and eager than me? Not very likely but the staff’s reaction stuck to my head.

I took pictures of empty halls.

20140701_203602 20140701_203628 20140701_203633I wished I had internet connection to post it to people not knowing where to go during Expo 😦

To sum up what I gathered.

– the halls are huge but not as huge as I thought they would be after listening to my sister’s rambling from previous years

– going to the conference before the Berikyuu conference to get the best seats was not an option because for the “vidage” all people need to get out (you can imagine how hard it was for the security guards and the JE staff to explain the whole “vidage” rules with broken English 😀

– the stage for the conference as well as the signing place weren’t far away from my sister’s booth which was very convenient

-being a wota means putting up with non-wotas laughing at you

I need my strenght for the following day.


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