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August 10, 2010 at 3:04 PM 4 comments

For those of you who apparently read this post from a desolated cave somewhere in Siberia I’ll explain the whole chaos that overtook our MM fandom.

1. Tsunku brought his hairy ass on stage during a Hello! Project 2010 SUMMER ~Fankora! Kobe Basho Yoru~ concert

2. Most people in the building held their breaths

3. Tsunku opened his golden mouth to announce the graduation of JunJun (NOOOOOO!), LinLin (Fuck yeah!) and Kamei Eri (EHHHHH?!!!)

4. Hell broke loose. Literally.

The flag group of H!P undergoes major changes and we as fans have all the right in the world to be afraid.  I’d say even petrified. And the worst part of it is that we have logical reasoning to think so.  Recently Tsunku made a couple of bad decisions. One of them was getting rid of Koharu whose single sometimes even outsold those of MM’s. The other included recycling songs and pushing the same girls to the front.

We all admit that MM needed changes. A different look? Being more open to the fans? Spending more money on the PVs? An audition? Yep, I think that holding an audition is a really good idea. But at the same time getting rid of 3 members with a considerate fanbase?! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU TSUNKU?!

– why can’t Eri go on some vacation to treat her condition? why graduation? is it really necessary to kick her out? I don’t think that if she decides to come back she will suddenly be included in Momusu. Can you imagine Kamei Eri as an Egg doing some random backdancing for Shin MiniMoni? Hell no!

– LinLin.  I admit, I never was into this girl. I still think that her graduation isn’t such a bad idea. Yeah, you can throw the rocks now. I really don’t care.  She never seemed like a part of the group and as far as the members’ interactions are concerned she wasn’t the most lovable person ever.

-JunJun. Now that’s the tragedy. I mean, seriously Tsunku. How can you get two random Chinese girls into the group, let them fight for the fans, let them win the fans, push them  to the back and then kick them out? That’s unfair, really unfair. I doubt that JunJun is happy about her upcoming career in China.  She learnt Japanese and gathered a large fanbase in Japan. And now what, China? Why not Sweden? I mean, it’s just stupid.

So what the future holds for Morning Musume?

Tsunku’s decisions are very risky and many scenarios can follow. The most optimistic one includes a boom in quality followed by a boom in popularity. Like SNSD with Gee. Yeah, that would be awesome.  They enter the stage with new members and go KABOOM. The not so nice scenario includes auditions that nobody in Japan would care about and a couple of random girls entering the group and adding absolutely nothing to it. The worst scenario means Takitty becoming the absolute lead singer accompanied by Reina and Gaki to form a holy deity of MM with some back dancers undergoing HEAVY ROTATIONS that again nobody would care about. Mitsui? I like her but honestly, JunJun has more fans. Fuck, LinLin has more fans and that has to mean something. I don’t want to be a messenger of bad news but I’m afraid that Sayumi might wanna choose a different career for herself. She isn’t a good singer but a great entertainer. She can follow Yaguchi’s steps. It wouldn’t be good news for MM as it now badly lacks personality but if Tsunku doesn’t do anything about it, Sayumi would decide to graduate.

I will keep my fingers crossed for MM and for the graduating girls.


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  • 1. isilwentari  |  August 10, 2010 at 4:23 PM

    I would love a ‘Gee’ for Momusu. I like Linlin but I know she isn’t for everyone. I definitely agree about JJ and Shige. Why is Shige still there?? As much as I loved Resonant Blue I don’t think I could take it for every single song. It would be like ‘Take off is Now’ with two backup dancers every single time. Ugh!

    If I keep my fingers crossed too, will that cancel out the goodluck?

  • 2. Arche-JoIyO  |  August 10, 2010 at 8:15 PM

    As I said in my blog answering to your comment, I read in H!O that Kamei decided to leave, and that the student visa lasts for about 3 years… which makes sense :/ that’d explain why JunLin are leaving.

    And Tsunku isn’t the one that decides who leaves, I think it’s the ultimate UFA boss, someone called Naoki or something like that @_@ it is said that this dude is also the one that fired Aibon definitely.

    Tsunku is just the face of H!P, and hence the one that gets bashed all the time… but I don’t think he’s the one that makes decisions like these @_@

    • 3. ladybird  |  August 10, 2010 at 8:33 PM

      Perhaps or even most probably Tsunku isn’t the one to be blamed but I keep on saying Tsunku as a generalization. For me it doesn’t really matter whether it’s him or UFA or whoever. Tsunku is and always was the FACE of those decisions.
      Yeah, I know that it was Kamei who made this decision or just a part of it. Still, I think that she could have taken a leave rather than a graduation.
      JunLin situation is different. If they knew from the very beginning that 3 years is the limit, they could have handled it differently. But is it really the visa? Hasn’t LinLin been an Egg in Japan before becoming a MM member?

  • 4. siggyx4scythe  |  August 10, 2010 at 10:47 PM

    I wasn’t actually aware they were under a real visa. But if that were the case I suppose renewal was out of the question. I’m thinking that the pandas were an experiment that didn’t see immediate payoffs so they are cutting their investment or perhaps redirecting their efforts elsewhere (see ICM ).

    I would argue that SNSD got lucky because the wonder girls were sitting around doing almost nothing which let SNSD charge ahead. AKB would definitely not let that happen. So momusu just needs to pull out some good quality stuff. I have faith in them. Don’t know about the general public though…


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