My collection – Book Off is your best friend.

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Going to the official Hello!Project shop (three times during my stay) was an otherworldly experience. It’s the wota Mecca that has the best merch. But at the same time it’s a fatal blow to my wallet. Some time ago I did a Twitter poll to ask about reasons for loving idols.

For me the answer is the visuals and the best source of them apart from entertaining music videos are photobooks. My weakness and ultimate source of doom. A big reason for my love of Koharu and Sayumi is the fact that they look so gorgeous in their photos. Of course, there are plenty other reasons but looks are important to me (I’m shallow like that :D).

Getting photos isn’t that expensive overall, but I despise most of the poses. With photobooks it’s different. The sad thing is that they cost quite a lot and are heavy. When I learnt of a place with secondhand idol photobooks (among other goods) I was set on finding every one of them in Tokyo.

The place is BOOK OFF and I can’t believe I have never heard it mentioned before although I’m an active member of the fandom.

My main goal was to find old photobooks of Tsuji/Kago, Koharu and perhaps even Sayumi. Upon entering again I used my super pro japanese skills and asked about idol photobooks. It was quite a feat to look through all the covers since my kanji skills were nonexistent. I had to check every book separately. Many of them were gravure and somehow I felt like a total perv.

Still, it was so much fun when a H!P related photobook popped up.

And it was glorious. Truly, truly glorious. And the best part? They were so cheap it hurt. 200yen for a photobook?! 1500 at most? I wanted to buy them all. Leaving them at the shop would be heartless. But I was looking for my favourites and it took me about four BOOK OFFs to finally find most of the ones I wanted. Three Sayumi’s, one Kago’s, one Koharu’s, one Duu’s, one Tsuji and Kago’s and a concert Photobook (Rival Survival). They took a lot of space in my suitcase but I don’t regret any of them. I still would like to have Sayumi’s “Loveletter” and Koharu’s “Sugardoll” since they are my favourite ones. Sadly, I couldn’t find them.  You can’t have everything, right?

Another great place to be for merch is of course Tower Records. I don’t collect singles (99% of those I own were presents), but it’s always pleasant to look through them. Surprisingly enough, Tower Records have Photobooks as well. Yey.

And I might have meddled with the Tower Record’s Daily Top 20 ranking 😀 Team C-ute forever!!! >o<

I’m pretty satisfied with the H!P stuff I bought at concerts, Book Offs and Tower Records’. I display them in my room with pride and they bring me lots of happiness.





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Hello Project Official Shop in Akihabara

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