Hello Project Official Shop in Akihabara

April 29, 2017 at 7:32 AM Leave a comment

After the fabulous concert at Nakano Dreams Come True Plaza, me and Aki went to Akihabara to do some Purikura, eat and reach the Hello!Project shop to sell my soul.

We need those in Europe.

For many, it’s routine. For others it’s a celebration. You can guess which it is for me. Merely seeing the sign was an event on its own.

Not to mention passing the doors and riding an elevator. It was INTENSE.

When the final doors opened, choirs of angels started to sing, crowds of elves danced around me holding hands and one single butterfly flew above my head dusting me with glitter while I was starstruck.

Rows of photos, keychains, mugs, flipflops, bags, files, frames and other accessories. I was one heavy breathing away from hyperventilation.

Excuse me, shop assistant-sama! Can you pack this rack of merch and those photos on the wall? No, I mean all of them plus the ones behind you and in the storage room. Plus the costumes on display and the TV playing H!P concerts. Yes, I’m paying with my blood and unicorn milk.

It was fun choosing photos and writing down the numbers on the piece of paper provided by the shop. I bought myself a mug, photos (they give you an extra photo at the desk so I got an Airi freebie), a keychain and a hairband. Aki was there to help me. Birthday message books was there to write in. I couldn’t resist.

It’s a pity that we can’t just order what they want from an official online site. That would be so convenient. No wonder that many of us, me included, can only afford watching scans online. The shipping fee is just too damn high. Please, consider alleviating this problem, ne?~


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