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Hello! Project 2016 SUMMER ~Rainbow Carnival~

For the second concert I was much calmer knowing what to expect. With the random photos and a keychain I bought the day before, I was ready for some friendly wota swapping. I was alone but confident that I can handle it. I entered the tents in front of Nakano Sun Plaza totally blasé. There were many pictures to choose from and I was not surprised to see that most of them were of less popular members. This was totally fine with me since I had plenty of oshis in different groups to choose from. I approached some ppl simply naming the members I was looking for without even attempting at any grammatically nonsensical japanese phrases like “Yamagishi Riko no shashinshuu doko doko onegaishimasu hontou ni desu ne”. It was funny to see how some ppl not having the members I needed, were making extra effort communicating “I’m really sorry but ….” while not speaking English. It was very kind of them and I warmed up to japanese fans after some colder experiences. Some of them wanted to help me and introduced me to other wotas that might have what I was looking for. Soon enough I swapped the pics and the keychain (for Nomura Minami’s <3). It was time for mooreee pictures so I entered the queue again confident in my skills of pointing to stuff and saying names.

Me in the line inside Nakano Sun Plaza

I was extremely proud of myself when Aki came and was super surprised that I managed to swap and buy merch on my own.


We changed clothes and I could finally wear my new fancy T-shirt and fit the crowd. Oh, it felt really good.


Seating was far better this time. The very centre at last! Not as close as I’d prefer to be but you can’t have everything obviously. It was decent enough IMO.

Again, fans around me were chilling and I was having none of it. Screw you all, I’m gonna socialise. I started random conversations and creeped some random japanese fans of both genders. Than I spotted some foreign fans and went up to them to again impose my need of talking onto them. This was my last Harocon, probably the last one ever, and I refused to feel left out. I pranced around the venue spreading love.

I won’t get into details of every song or MCs because I honestly can’t remember everything too vividly. The pressure to make the best of every moment was there.


So I did. I jumped, screamed, cried and danced around to all my heart’s content. The only thing missing was interaction with the girls on stage. I would trade every Harocon for one Otodama Sea Studio experience. The concert didn’t really deviate from a DVD performance. Don’t get me wrong. It was AMAZING and I don’t regret anything. But just a taste of interacting with the girls got me spoiled. Smaller venues with more pure fun and less highly choreographed performances suits me better. I’m hooked on handshakes and eye contact. I can’t be the only one.


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