Tokyo Idol Festival 8/6 2016 Kobushi Factory

December 27, 2016 at 9:19 PM 1 comment

This was the concert I came to the Festival for and yet with Tsubaki Factory and Tanaka Reina experience already behind me, I felt fulfilled. I expected the fans to be even crayzier and I didn’t want to fight for the first row. I made my decision to enter the women section.


It wasn’t so close to stage but guess what boys, it was FRIENDLY. And I’ll take “friendly” over “sniffing idols’ sneakers while being shoved” in no time.


NO! I’m going to cheer for my favourite underage girl in a frilly dress singing about forgetting an umbrella during  the rain!!!!!

I waited for the small female crowd to change with a change of idols and reached the MAGICAL RAILING without losing my teeth and self-esteem. Such a feat in an idol event apparently.

After seeing Tsubaki Factory,  Kobushi Factory was just superb. Even the songs were just plain better. I had so much fun chanting, jumping and singing along. The crowd was pumped. I waved my glowstick for Nomura Minami and managed to get some smiles from here. There was an older fan on a wheelchair in the section in front of me and the girls took extra effort to wave at him from time to time and I think it’s really nice. Idols give out positive vibes. My favourite song turned out to be Samba! Kobushi Janeiro. I love the Dash and Jump parts as well as Rio Rio.

While watching idols perform live you don’t really like how they make a line along the stage because the camera can’t cover them all in a nice shot, but for the ppl crammed to the very left or right of the stage it’s a blessing.  There were many songs I could observe the members and my I stand by my oshi. Nomura Minami has a great voice and great facial expressions. She reminds me of Airi performing live. They both know how to reach the crowd and entertain everybody.

I must admit that I jumped and chanted for Hamachan although she’s not my favourite at all but I tried to channel Morningtime love to her as well 🙂



Hamachan: Well….. thanks…. I guess ==’

No member struck to me as weak or exceptionally amazing. Kobushi Factory is a solid group overall. I hope to hear more great songs from them in 2017.

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  • 1. morningtime  |  January 1, 2017 at 12:49 PM

    I’m so glad you enjoyed Kobushi Factory. I’ve had such positive vibes for them since they debuted. As a unit they all seem so well-suited. There’s such a massively energetic vibe to them. I’ve watched their first three DVD Magazines and even though I don’t speak Japanese they were so entertaining. The girls are so great to watch goofing around even when just in the background. Musically I really like them too. They’ve had some really good singles already and their album is very solid (not always the case for a Hello! Project group). Of course it helps that I’ve been a big supporter of Hamsterchan since the Sushi days but even without her they’d have so much going for them. Your oshi is my second fave and last year I bought virtually as much Nomnom merchandise as Hamachan merchandise. Minami is great live. She emits giant waves of idol light across venues and tv/computer screens. I also rank Taguchi highly in my H!P fandom. She’s so…sort of…protectable. She’s funny and tiny and the rest of the group seem like big sisters to her even though she’s not the youngest.

    I’m glad you supported Hamachan a bit for me. When C-ute…you know…go to the idol venue in the sky she will be my number 1. She LOVES being an idol, She’s cute, she’s funny sometimes and totally earnest others. She’s got star quality to me. She has the same sort of impact Maeda Yuka always had on me. I expect she’ll quit in 2017. >.>

    Kobushi will be great in 2017. They’re the group C-ute used to be before they got into their more mature style. Full of fun songs and cute and happy members and they fit together so well. I don’t like people comparing the new groups to Beryz and C-ute as they are their own entities but I hear people saying a lot that Kobushi are the new Berryz. Well given how they all go so well together and have great songs I’d say they are more like C-ute. Tsubaki have the awkward members so…xD


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