Random 2015 awards

January 1, 2016 at 12:52 AM 2 comments

I thought about my yearly rankings  and some past contests and decided that this time I want to come back to my old format (as presented HERE). As a teacher I know that everybody deserve some kind of a award (even if I have to try really hard to make them up).


I followed H!P this year without much enthusiasm for the music. There were a couple of nice surprises but overall nothing too spectacular. But I’ll try my best to show some appreciation.

The “I don’t hate it” Song Award goes to “Taiki Bansei” by ANGRYGERMS

I don't hate itTaikiBansei-r


Taiki Bansei has earned it’s award with a very catchy TAIKI BANSEI WOOO that Juice=Juice’s Senobi just couldn’t imitate. I think I didn’t hate it from the start. I might even say that I kinda liked it from time to time.

The “I’m not ashamed of your songs anymore” Song Award goes to “Tsugi No Kado Wo Magare” by Kyuuto

not ashamed TheMiddleManagementJoseiChuukanKanrishoku-lc

When was the last time that I could show a non-wota a C-ute song without any regrets?I tried with I Miss You because of the innovative nature of the MV but the song itself wasn’t so spectacular. With Tsugi no Kado C-ute went fierce and beautiful. You’ve earned the award.

The “Sounds the same *shrugs*” Song Award goes to the whole Morning Musume’15 discography


It’s a pity that H!P flag group didn’t provide much this year in terms of songs. When I think about the songs I see the white/pale blue background and hear the heavy EDM sounds. Mostly. And I don’t like it.

The “Nearly naked enough” MV award goes to “Tsudzuiteiku STORY” by JUSU IS JUSU

nearly モーニング娘。映像編集、アプガ野音当日、J J MV、田﨑あさひの裏側!ゲストMC 鈴木香音(モーニング娘。 15)【GREEN ROOM 13】 YouTube

Fanservice galore. Do you hate it when H!P songs give you close ups and dance versions against a green screen? Why not have the same minus the dance shot but plus the nearly nakedness? Count me in.

The “Almost as pink as “Ookina Aide Motenashite” MV award goes to “Koi Doroubou” by Momoko Girls


I miss the cute level of “Ookina Aide Motenashite”. It’s the ultimate cuteness of the cutesy cuties. But Country Girls appeared with their retro cuteness and reclaimed colour pink. I love it!

There are still many more awards to give but let’s not be too lenient. Not everybody can get a trophy.

I might seem dissatisfied with H!P this year which is partially true but I’m still a fan.  I still suport and adore all of them.  I’m happy with new some of the additions and not really impressed with others.

 not impressed

But I will enjoy seeing them all grow. Sayumi started as a mildly annoying troll and suddenly she became a goddess.

I’m curious about 2016.

Happy New Year everybody!





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