All the wishes for Sayumi

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Sayumi joined Morning Musume in 2002 along with Erinrin and the Wonkeyeyed as the sixth generation.

In 2003 6th Generation got a PB. Girls were still very young and inexperienced but we all know how beautiful our Sayu became :* Notice the almost the same facial expressions 😀

Sir yes sir 😀

work it girl

During TV appearances she clearly opted for the “I’m the cutest things alive” chara which was a good idea since she wasn’t really the vocally talented one. For me she was the most interesting from the 6th generation.

Tsunku decided to give her a solo photobook in 2004. Fuck yes! You can see a huge difference from her 6th gen photobook and her solo one. She went a huge makeover. Her face changed and clearly feels more comfortable with the camera.  Most of her photos were impressive pedo material as Sayu acted almost like a 3 year old. XD

Usa chan peace ~~

~friggin adorable~

I dunno why but people thought that Sayu was Rika’s successor to the “no vocal lotta cuteness” trophy.  The thing with Rika is that when I first heard her nickname “Charmy” I thought it was a joke. A nasty ironic joke. But it’s only me I guess. So Sayu was forced into Rika/Sayu Pb “Angels”. For me Rika’s appeal *cough* is trashy and classless. She should be into gravure. Sayu was the innocent beauty here.  (I don’t like Rika since watching her during Making of’s. She emanates “I’m the best biatches so move away” D:

just one of them is a virgin

Both appeared in Eco Moni but it’s not even worth mentioning. The song and the whole idea was stupid.

Fans had to wait 2 years for her new photobook but it was soo worth it. 2007 brought 3 Sayu PBs!!! Those PBs set my heart in her direction completely. No way back. She looked amazing! I dunno whether she id somewhing with her lips but they became lusciously plump and kissable.  My favourite Sayu charm point 😀


can you resist those eyes?

17 Love Hello! Michishige Sayumi

What's that? Can I touch it?


Bend down, pick it up, put it in the biiiiin XD

That's one hell of a pedo fantasy come true

But it’s 2008 which gave us the best Photobook ever. Well, at least in my humble opinion 😀 Sayu was more than aware of her charms and knew perfectly well how to work all the angles.

Love letter

How skimpy can an idol's bikini be? droool

those lips... I'm speechless

Can it get any better? Yes, yes it can .The newest PB “La” is just another evidence of her awesomeness.(Thank you MorningBerryz for the scans! :*)

In the recent TV appearances she developed a new chara. Still cute but with a sharp tongue. It just shows that her dumbness was also an act. In reality she’s just as snarky as I am 😀


Japan Expo Paris wishes Sayu happy birthday! Oh how I wish I could be there to sing until my lungs explode 😀


Listening to: W  “Aa ii na”

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