The battle of hairstyles – fresh Berryz Koubou Edition

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6th place

Miyabi – no problems here ladies and gentlemen. I know that they wanted to go for the rockish look but this is  a bit over the top.

Tsunku: Alright, girls. This time I want something more hardcore.

Momoko: No more plastic props and pink khaki?

Tsunku: Mhmm.., I save this for the next single. I still can’t decide. Maybe a mix? Pink sparkly costumes from cellophane, cardboard props and plastic microphones a’la Rainbow Pink…

Berryz Koubou : NOOOOOOO DDDDD:

Tsunku: We still have time. Now we gotta talk about this rock idea.

Chinami: We should stay cute and pretty but with this rockish edge. Just like Buono! Miya what do you think?

Miyabi: Fuck Buono! I’m sick of pop-rock. I want hardcore rock with a homeless person costume, an old rag covering my ugly forehead, sweaty armpits and smelly feet. I want to drink too much vodka and have a  blasting hangover and want to drink water straight from the toilet! Hell yeah!

Berryz Koubou – *facepalm*

Not a very good idea…. ==’

5th place

Maasa – Oh, give me a break! The fierce Maasa? The one with THE LOOK? The kickass badass the EVIL? In a motherfucking ponytail?!!!!! With her hair covered in lard and stuck to the side of her face? She looks like a bookworm! Argh…  She would look so awesome with a truly rock (but still PRETTY) hairstyle!

4th place

Risako – yeah, quite high I must admit. It’s just because HALF of her hairstyle is decent. But the fringe?! God, I want to straighten it sooo badly D: It’s too girly and doesn’t suit the rest. Plus it makes her big head look even bigger.

3rd place

Yurina – and that’s just because she looks nice with this hairstyle. It looks itsy bitsy edgy but still too bland.

2nd place

Saki – I don’t really dig the whole “shave a half of your scapl” hairstyle that is so trendy this days. Two people in my classroon already did it! It looks horrible on everybody. Saki’s head survived the attack of the razor but they pinned half of her hair back. Remember Hitomi’s hair from her graduation concert?

No, nope, nada, niet, NIEEEE. There is just ONE person on the world that can look like nearly scalped and still be beautiful. Just ONE.

Yeah…. :3

1st place

Chinami – I love her new hairstyle! It suits her well. A bit of baldness present but not so striking so I’ll survive 🙂 And the smokey eye?! I adore smokey eyes! She’s the only member of Berryz that managed to do the rock-and-cute hair. The winner needs some attention!!! Picspam!!! XD

P.S. Momoko doesn’t count because she must have fired her hair stylist recently and forgot to do her hair on her own XD


Listening to: Tokito Ami “Sentimental Generation”

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