Ikimond Gakari in YCD Poland

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5th season of the Polish version of You Can Dance ended  some time ago and being bored I decided to watch season 4. I missed it so I had the opportunity to make it up.  It’s always fun to watch a couple of morons swallowed alive by the jurors. One of them is particularly vicious. Michał Piróg, the one on the left , The Simon Cowell of this show. Augustin Egurolla, the one on the right, is a nice but fair juror and a womanizer.  In the middle we have miss Weronika Marczuk-Pazura, the aesthetic  value of the show along miss Kinga Rusin – the presenter and the narrator of YCD.

PLUS miss Kinga Rusin.

Episode 3 of the season 4 introduced me to a very special contestant – Małgosia. Another talentless girl considering herself to be a Micheal Jackson of dance? Well, yes. But there’s more. She picked a j-pop (well, it sounds like j-pop) song for her performance:D That’s the very first time I heard a japanese song on Polish TV! The song was Naruto Shippuuden’s third opening sung by Ikimono Gakari (learn more at http://wiki.jpopstop.com/wiki/Ikimono_Gakari) and titled “BlueBird”. And I totally love this song.

Here’s an opening version.

Here’s an original PV. H!P should learn from them 😀

After watching the episode of YCD I thought that I  MUST share with my fellow Japan lovers. Youtube deleted the vid so all my subs are gone D: sorry


A brief translation:

The girl states that she dances “afric dance” and “yoga dance”.  She learnt them from a DVD and the Internet. She was asked about her biggest success. She said that it was being proclaimed Miss School during her secondary education when  she was 13.  After the “dance” one of the jurors – Michal pretends to like the dance very much and asks the contestant to borrow the aforementioned DVD to the other male juror – Augustin cause Michal thinks that they both, the girl and the juror, would look awesome dancing it together. The girl wasn’t quite sure whether Michal was joking or not. She asked about the music track she picked – Ikomono Gakari’s song and Michal again pretends that he absoutely loved it. He mispronounces the name as IkimoND Gakari XD

I LOLd so hard while watching it! Michał is awesome 😀 I  love the snark. But’s it’s a pity that they disregarded the song as shitty. It’s a stereotype in Poland. Everything japanese is deemed strange, funny and ultimately of low quality. Fortunately not all of us think like that 😀


Listening to: The Possible  “Hatsukoi no Kakera”

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