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April 4, 2010 at 3:32 PM 5 comments

In the field of rankings, Paul’s poll is one of those that simply can’t be skipped. It’s easy, and what’s most important, fun to do.  It felt like puzzles ^0^. Well, done Paul.  Here are my results. Those are a bit random cause I don’t have some particular feelings towards some of the members. But I tried my best to rank them all 😀


1. Suzuki Airi – is easy to guess  *gazing at the gif on the right*. She’s a true beauty in some many different shades of this word. Her fangs, her sweet eyes, the many variations of her smile, her acting talent. She’s the very definition of an idol. Buono is a blessing for her. C-ute could have killed her fanbase (the unfamous Shock! incident) but Buono clearly saves her reputation. Yeah, I know that it’s not Airi’s fault that she gets most of the lines in a girlband but the impression of a linewhore remains. The same was with Byex3 and Forever love- Maimi and Airi duo.  But I think that love for her will stay strong among wotas. She ranks high in all the rankings. Mine is not an exception 😀

It’s hard to choose just one awesome photo of her. There are just a few that I don’t like. Ok, there are none. I love them all ❤

2. Sayumi Michishige – it’s vain, I know, but I totally fell for her looks. Her PBs (next to Airi’s) are the best available under H!P label. No wonder she gets more and more of those. She’s a mascot of Morning Musume. No reason to deny it or fight this image. She simply can’t sing for shit. Years passed and nothing changed in this department. What is she doing in a group meant to sing?! Well, Takahashi can sing, Reina can sing, so does Kamei, Niigaki and perhaps even LinLin. JunJun, Mitssi and Sayumi just add some personality. And Sayu is teh best in this regard. Slightly stupid, naively conceited, overly cute- that’s her idol mode. Some might find it irritating. A girlfriend like her? Annoying as hell. An entertainer? Well, goddamn entertaining 😀

The same problem as with Airi. I love ALL of her photos. The most recent ones are better than the old ones. Especially the PB with “Charmy” D:

3. JunJun- She’s beautiful and witty. A very good combination. It’s a pity that Koha is no longer here. JunJun/Koha duo was fun to watch. I think she’s still in the process of creating her idol chara. She switches between cute and sarcastic.  Good for her.

A PB for JunJun NOW!!! She looks so stylish here.

4. Fukuda Kanon – is my late love. I used to hate her but that was because of her ugly outfit in Shugo Chara. In S/mileage she blossomed into a perfect cutie. Yes, ‘cute’ is what I aim for 😀 What’s her charm point? Her eyes, definitely her smiling warmingly eyes.

Those aren’t her best photos but at least they resemble a PB photoshoot XD

5. Chisato Okai – NOT her ugly sister Asuna D: She used to be a backdancing tomboy in C-ute but I prefer her recent harsher look. Bad boy Chisato is awesome. Need moar of that >O< She has strong vocals and definitely needs more attention. Bokura no Kagayaki is the best example that she’s bette rin the singing department than Maimi.

She would rock Buono real time! Don’t give her stupid anime songs for small kids! She’s made for ROCK.

6. Shimizu Saki – Captain oh Captain. She can act cute whenever she wants to and than  dances like there’s no tomorrow. She holds even more surprises.  Vanilla and spice. My favourite 😀 come to think of it this is the best recipe for my favourite idol chara.

She looks so adorable in this photo. The light is amazing. *knock knock* Tsunku? R U there? You forgot about a PB for her. This time a good one. Not that piece of shit you gave Chinami.

7. Niigaki Risa – here it was a bumpy ride. Back then when she wore those horrible pigtails, it hurt just to look at her. Later she seemed to me as the sweetest of all Momusus, I mean honestly sweet and not the ‘Sayu’s sweetness’. Later when I watched her during makingu of’s she seemed quite mean and camera whoring but then again her vocals and the look in recent singles (before the dreadful turn for the grandma’s hairstyle D:) sent me on my knees. Risa – you’re amazing.

In the name of Yuko Nakazawa Queen of Hades, WHY did you cut your hair?! D: You look like a granny. My older sister while doing her ranking put you in the last place just on the basis of your awful ‘granny look’. When I showed her your last PB she was shocked D:

8. Mitsui Aika – I know that many wotas hate her shark teeth but I think that it was kinda sweet. Idols aren’t perfect. Even her moonlike face isn’t that horrifying. She entered Momusu as a teddybear and owned my heart. Her voice isn’t smooth but she totally pwned everybody in the beginning of Resonant Blue and that’s a fact. She’s shy and doesn’t talk a lot and maybe that’s the reason I didn’t have a real occasion to hate her.

*head banging* DARKNESS OF THE EVILNESS ARGH me love :*

9. Maeda Yuuka – she’s got this perfect puppy face and a sweet pout. You can’t resist a well-done pout. She is under great pressure as a member of High-King. A newbie next to pros. It must have been hard but she did quite well. Yuukarin is the type of girl that I would like to see in a tank top and cotton drawstring pyjama bottoms, lying in my bed and having girl talk the whole night (or we might just skip the girl talk and enter the realm of fanfiction fantasy:D)

Nyuchandesudesudesu~~~pink lolitas are pink 😀

10. Nakajima Saki – Nakitty entered my heart with Shouri no Big Wave. I just don’t like her in C-ute (especially in Byex3 UGH). She’s not a frontgirl and definitely avoids camera whoring. Maybe that’s why she knows how to break my defences.  While Airi and Sayu stood in the queue for good looks, Nakajima definitely was elsewhere. Most probably in the big teeth queue 😀 I have maternal instincts for weirdos 😀 *shrug*

Mouth shut! Hell, yeah. Don’t show your teeth. That’s right. A really nice photo.

11. Yurina Kumai – I detest her voice to the very core of my existence D: I think she totally devastated her lines in Kanpaku Sengen (along Sugaya, but it’s no surprise :D) But how can you hate the green giant? She fits ‘the weirdos I love’ category 😀

Her body is a bit awkward when she stands next to other members of BK but in her PB she looks stunning.

12. Yajima Maimi – again not a fan of her voice but rather her overall motherly chara and fierce dance. I don’t mind her short hair, I don’t seem to notice her long legs. For me her beauty is shy while Airi’s is screaming for attention.

That’s not a granny look. That’s HOT. I want to jump at her right away. Airi will join is sooner or later 😀

13. Sudou Maasa – Maasa is fierce. That’s for sure. While reviewing a Berryz Koubou concert I discovered a lot of fierce caps of Maasa. Truly epic.  Check it out here  1 –  or here 2 or even here 3 .  I respect her for the energy she has during live performances (unlike AKB48 *glares*). I want to have her on my side during a fight.  She’s a tough opponent.

Her softer side is interesting although looks bizarre. You won’t fool ME Maasa hehe…

14. Ogawa Saki – that’s the little girl with an amazing voice I spotted during the fist watching of an Egg concert. She OWNS Oosaka Koi no Uta BIG TIME. She never acted like a shy girl on stage. She had the necessary air of confidence from the very beginning. She was born to perform and entertain. The lights on stage give her the rush. The same rush used to take the oxygen from Koha’s lungs while singing. But Saki uses it to sing even better.

And I want fries with it 🙂

15. Chinami Tokunaga – at first I confused her with Chisato. Can you imagine? I couldn’t make those two apart. But their vocals are clearly different 😀 Chinami isn’t a good singer. She even isn’t very beautiful but there’s something in her that makes my heart go fonder 🙂

Sorry, Chii. Can’t find a better photo. Aloha aaand goodbye D:

16. Wada Ayaka – from a yellow filler girl in Shugo Chara to an exquisitely cute girl next door in Suki-chan.  I can’t wait for more of her natural sweetness.

It’s too early for a PB. Saki waits in a line!

17. Takahashi Ai – the less likeble members of H!P start right here. Takitty is bland although very talented. I bear in my mind her solo performance of Oosaka koi no Uta during Rainbow 7 concert. She rocked there. But overall her facial expressions, solo songs (Cosmos snore-inducer), tone of voice- make her a Manoeri of MM.  I respect Takitty and have some sentiment for her. But nothing more.

Most of her PBs are as bland as her personality but the most recent one has some nice shots. This is one of them.

18. Kamei Eri – Queen Elisabeth has a very distinctive type of khem… beauty 😀 Lets just say she’s characteristic. Her PB Hatachi changed my mind a little but I still think that’s she’s not my type 🙂 When it comes to her dancing and singing – she’s just as bland as Takahashi. A good singer but without any special fire to her. However, I think it is somewhere there hidden. Do you remeber the duo Hitomi/Eri performing Shabondama? Mhm…. that was a performance to remember (and fap to)..

Woah. Truly esoteric beauty. Damn, only in this PB 😀

19. Momoko Tsugunaga – She’s recognisable. That’s for sure. Her idol chara is a bubbly, over the top insane, irritating retard.  Too much of Momo is definitely not healthy. Koha has this sugar high while Momo is a plain crackhead.  And her annoying little finger sticking in the air as a phallic symbol of Berryz Kobou. No, thanks. Sometimes when I watch her interact with the rest of girls I begin to wonder how they can live with this creature under the same roof?

I suppose that her fans (are there any?!) enjoy Momo’s PBs cause they’re consistent with her idol mode. Colourful, slightly crazy and interesting.

20. Tanaka Reina – Can you really like this pouty wonky-eyed yankee? In her recent PB she looks like a cheap hooker. I was fooled by all the plastic, shiny and sparkly accessories. Yuck. I admit, her version of  Yshirts watashi yada yada was really cool.  That’s it. The rest annoys the living shit out of me.

I managed to find some nice photos of her. I had to work through her old PBs. This photo used to be my avatar back in old days. Polish online friends used to ask me : Is it you? O.o Yeaaah, rite D:

21. Natsuyaki Miyabi the Queen of Forced Smiles – it’s kinda self-explanatory. Hard Gay hat plus bushy hair extensions weren’t her best decisions. What is her idol mode? Super duper ultra blandness? Isn’t it Takitty’s mode?

Try your best to hide the smile behind your hand.

22. Hagiwara Mai – she was the small gnome in enormous glasses but soon turned into uptight, always pissed off, conceited idol wannabe. She lacks the sweetness that would suit her age. Her eyes hold constant boredom. No energy left in her.

“I don’t feel like dancing, Tsunku, no dancing today. I need some coffee D:”

23. Risako Sugaya – do I really R E A L L Y have to explain this?! Well, perhaps I should explain the fact that she ranked this high 😀 I used to like her when she was younger and not so fat? boastful? fake? pouty. A sweet girl with amazing eyes. What happened next? She started to steal Chinami’s food? Maasa molested her? Momo bit her and infected her with the craizes? *shrugs* She sings like a skinned cat but hey, Sayu isn’t Pavarotti either. BUT Sayu isn’t line whoring. Risako’s duet with Airi in VERY BEAUTY (during the joined concert) was an evident argument against giving miss Sugaya ANY lines in the recent century.

She can be charming. I don’t deny it. And she is very pretty. But she got lost in her own “THEY ALL LOVE ME CAUSE I’M FUCKING AMAZING” realm D:

24. LinLin – Ugly. Tries too hard. Can sing but who really cares anyway. Bland. Boring. Did I mention ugly?

one ordinary photo of LinLin +hours of blurring in Photoshop +lots of Polish vodka = one decently looking photo of LinLin

25. ManoYAWNS Erina – what can be said about a girl without any even slightest traces of personality and energy?  You’ve got to work it babe in order to make it in the H!P cafe. It’s not Team A’s stage in AKB48 Theatre and you’re not miss Atsuko FLAWLESS (cough) Maeda.

Work it work it  and remember there’s a huge difference between kneeling down and bending over XD


1. Kago Ai – the ultimate number one of all my rankings. I truly cared for her during MM days and later was thrilled to find her in W. The whole drama around the smoking scandal devastated me and I anticipated her return with eagerness reading all the bits of info available. She came back just when I began to lost hope but then she left again. This time for life D: I understand that it must have been hard for her as a H!P child of only 12 and she wanted as an artist something a bit more mature than Robokiss but lets face it – we LOVED her in Robokiss 😀 I still observe her career and keep my fingers crossed. Ganbatte ne Aibon ❤ ❤ ❤

Can I roll in the grass with you? I certainly taste better than grass XD

2. Kusumi Koharu – it’s strange to regard her as an ex H!P member. 😦 I miss her already. This sweet little crazy sugar addict captured my heart and held to it tightly regardless the lack of singing abilities. She’s a true beauty. SugarDoll – I love you (my older sis admits that this PB is fanfuckingtastic and she’s right). A lot was said about her so I won’t repeat myself (look here – post about Koharu )

One little lost sweetie in the woods? We can roleplay! I’ll be the big bad wolf tehe

3. Yaguchi Mari- Marippe was the ultimate idol! Sparkly, always in the spotlight and really cute. As far as I know, not everything was peachy but she went through it. She even managed to pull off the sillyness of MiniMoni with style. That’s my girl 🙂 Pity that Seishun Boku is horrible D:

Vietnamu Yaguchi ~~~LOL

4. Asami Konno – the leftover girl who showed off her boobs right in time to gain my attention XD There’s something extraordinary about her aura. Strange face but with a warm, slightly spaced out heart 🙂 What’s not to love? And remember about the boobs 😀

That sweet gleam in your eyes sends my heart straight to the moon 😀

5. Tsuji Nozomi – I hate to the core of my existence her recent look. Those ribbons are too big! Damn it girl! I prefer a softer side of you. Or the crazy part but only in the W duo XD

She looks like  Kago in “No hesitation”, doesn’t she? Me like it

6. Okada Yui – I’m highly fond of nice boobies 😀 And her teeth cause mine are similar. But she changed them. That’s a pity D:

I’ll be your lifeguard on duty. Always on duty *wink wink*

7. Mika Todd – surprise surprise 😀 She seriously sucked in Coconuts Musume (the whole group sucked hard, to be more precise) but she rocked MiniMoni 😀 Plus she speaks English. We need more pretty foreigners fluent in Japanese in H!P

cute beyond words. well, apart form the fringe. somebody went overboard here


It wasn’t easy to rank groups. Especially number one was difficult. number 7 was obvious hehe 😀

1. Buono! – NOT Morning Musume. Although Buono! is a relatively young unit it managed to shake the fandom.  This new rockish sound plus Airi as a bait made noses bleed, fanboys fap and cash flow right into Tsunku’s pocket. I was worried that maybe the whole unit won’t last too long but luckily I was wrong. They even have (really awesome btw) their own concerts and a PB! Go get them girls!

want those stockings D: badly…

2. Morning Musume – it all began with MM and they stay as the main group of my interest but not as my favourite group. C’mon how many Nanchatte Renai’s or Naichau Kamo’s can one stand, huh? Or mediocre albums? Or line whoring? Or kicking Koha out?

yey genki desu ka 😀

3. Berryz Koubou – in the very beginning of this group I hated it. Special Generation was great but the rest? I preferred C-ute even with their indie singles. Now it’s reversed. Berryz proved to be a solid group with great albums, bunch of interesting girls with interesting personalities and some damn good songs.

Hard Gay spoils the pic D:

4. S/mileage – a new group over my old love with a favourite member in it – C-ute?! Oh gosh 😀 Incredible but true 😀 S/mileage have really great singles (apart from Ama no Jaku) and creative PVs. I can’t wait to see more of them while they debut.

Kanon in the front! *throws confetti*

5. C-ute – I wish them all the luck in the universe. Without Massara Blue Jeans, Soku Dakishimete, Wakkyanai (Z), Edo Temari no Uta and Tokkaiko Junjou they wouldn’t even be in this ranking D: I mean, I totally adore Airi but how can I be a fan of her unit if it keeps on making awful songs and albums? Not gonna happen. Pls Tsunku, save them D:

I don’t even notice that Kanna and Erika left 🙂

6. Guardians 4 – EVERYTHING is better than ManoEri. Even Momoko and Risako in a unit giving an acoustic performance live D: Besides, Omakase Guardian is nice 🙂

These boots are made for walking and this is what they’ll do 😀 I hope it will be far faar away…

7. Mano Erina the cough cough soloist – the last and the least. Won’t even bother to comment her lack of talent in anything

damn, she didn’t drown 😉


1. W (double you) – nobody is surprised, right? Pure liquid win

Hmm.. this setting seems vaguely familiar 😉

2. Kirarin Revolution – I want it back D:

reminds me of Kohapinku 😀

3. MiniMoni – good old times, my friends *sniff*

crazy but awesome shit ^o^

Woah, it turned out to be a long long looooong post and a picspam 😀 Oh well, congrats on going this far (or skipping the middle part and going right to the bottom – some like it this way XD). I want to read other ppl’s rankings! 😀


Listening to: Country Musume “Uwaki no Honey Pie”

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5 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Arche-JoIyO  |  April 7, 2010 at 7:18 PM

    Oh you like Captain, didn’t expect that! Isn’t she like, totally amazing ❤ When I watch Berryz videos I fall for her so easily. She's so overly cute but in a mature way (not Momo-cute, Koha-cute or Aibon-cute… not that's bad, I love them as well).

    Didn't know you liked Berryz, me likes! ❤

    • 2. ladybird  |  April 7, 2010 at 7:37 PM

      Don’t we all love Berryz? 😀 you said nothing about Risako’s ranking XD hehe

      • 3. Arche-JoIyO  |  April 13, 2010 at 7:26 AM

        I was about to say something but I thought you would dislike my fangirl behavior in your blog (like “omg Risako isn’t last I’m so happy 😀 ” -and I am lol- ).

        It’s hard to explain, but I thought my comment would make you feel like “ok Arche is happy, maybe I should have ranked her lower” xD

        • 4. ladybird  |  April 13, 2010 at 12:15 PM

          Oh c’mon. I am a fangirl but I can understand other ppl’s fangirling behaviour XD Besides, I used to like Rii so I can totally understand your ignorance towards her present fatness ;P *snark and a joke in one*
          Hmm sounds good. Damn, I can’t re-do my entry now XD

          • 5. Arche-JoIyO  |  April 13, 2010 at 7:38 PM

            :O ohh I thought you disliked my fangirl behavior towards Rii ;_; I felt like you hated me when I did that XDDDDDDDDD

            ❤ wub ya XD

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