2009 Hello! Project Shinjin Kouen 6gatsu ~Nakano Step!~

April 3, 2010 at 11:13 PM 8 comments

2009 Hello! Project Shinjin Kouen 6gatsu ~Nakano Step!~

1. Souda! We’re alive

It’s not my piece of cake but wotas seem to enjoy this song immensely. Costume check. Niah. Not good. Too 90’s  🙂

2. It’s Mano! RUUUUN bytchez RUUUUUUUUUN

Phew, I managed to make a safe cap XD What can I say about a boring song performed by the Queen of the Anti-Insomnia Society? Zzzzzzz……

3. Hajimete no Happy Birthday!

Yuukarin to the rescue ❤ She finally got a cute song that can show off her vocals. Don’t mind the two random backdancers. Their names are irrelevant 😀 … NOOO waaait! I WANT to learn their names. At least the one with her hair loose. That’s….. Komine Momoka. Hello Momoka. Momoka, Momoka (NOT Momoko) MOMOKA – I’ll remember her. I swear I WILL :O

Hm…loking closely at that dress…yeah, I definitely have seen it somewhere else…background check….

D: Hideous. Those are the same grandma’s curtains! [Cap taken from W and Berryzn Koubou’s concert back in 2005]

4. Shanimuni Paradise

From the right: Noto Arisa aka Nocchi STFO, Fukuda Kanon aka ME LOVE, Maeda Irori the sleazy Schugo Chara, Wada Ayaka aka S/mileage needs Saho back . A little bit of infantile fun is always appreciated as long as it is indeed FUN. You either love Shanimuni Paradise or you hate it. The dance is goofy and much like Kiiro 5’s ‘Kiiroi Osora de BOOM BOOM BOOM.

Here performed during 2007 H!P 10th Anniversary concert.

What can I say? I’m Kanon addicted  ^_^

5. Ai ~Suite Room~

That’s the stupidest, gawkiest, ‘unsutiablest’ choreography I’ve ever seen in a non-kids song! V-u-den girls (minus Charmy, oh irony) have the sweet and girly charm but even they couldn’t save this dance from failing. Can Sekine Azusa (the one with a forgettable face I confuse with Anri- the one with a fang), Sayaka Kitahara (the Milky Way Abs-girl) and Sengoku Minami (the Ongaku Gatas girl) do this right? Is it really a question?

…..definitely a rhetoric one.

6. Wakkyanai (Z)

Yey! I luvv this song! Want proof? ——> https://nyuchandesu.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/celestias-poll-my-top-10-ever/ It’s my number one EVAR XD

Mori Saki is there? Spasmastic!

The closer I look at this cap the less innocent it seems to be. Hm… so nice..

… NOT D: Manami is sooo NOT NICE

neither is Asuna Okai – Chisato’s sis D:

7. Omakase Guardian

Again, look here for confirmation ——> https://nyuchandesu.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/celestias-poll-my-top-10-ever/. It’s not a secret that Risako’s khem, khem vocals aren’t my favourite ones but still Guardians 4 version is a lot better, more distinctive than ShCh’s . This one is just bland. Listening to them live is even worse. Their out of breath and plain exhausted. It seems that changing into the hideous costumes (green one is the worst, sorry Kanon) is tiring. Not to mention the whole singing thing. Switch off the vocals and observe the girls.

Who are you the yellow filler? Wada Ayaka?! Orly? This girl changed a lot since Shugo Chara!

She’s heart- meltingly adorable 🙂

Cute mode on :*


Yuuka means bussiness

Awwww…. Puppy face is her trademark 🙂

*the sound of warm sh%^ hitting a wall*


Worry not, I have a better cap of her from elsewhere 😀

Hell yeah! That’s more like it

8. Baby! Koi ni knockout

Woah, those dresses make them look really fat. I wonder how Risako would look in one of those 😀

Yep, suits her  XD

Who’s the Egg next to the STFO girl? Bakckground check…. Sainen Mia.  She has decent looks and glows with sweetness.

Mia plus MoriSaki. Give me Kanon and I’m in Egg Heaven ~~~~~~

Bwuahahahaha…. this is one crazy girl for one crazy song  😀 Who could it be? Konatsu of course 😀

This is one scary Nocchi. Well, I’m petrified by her face  all the time but this particular moment during the concert gave me extra creeps.

DO NOT WANT to meet her after dusk.

9. GET UP! Rapper

Never was  a fan of this song.

The red girl in the middle is the sleazy little Irori (Chris Hansen asks you to have a seat AGAIN).

10. Renai Sentai Shitsu Ranger

A song I haven’t heard before. Sounds decently cute but is still rather forgettable.

The first on the left is Sekine Azusa (the one without a fang that I confuse with Anri who HAS a fang XD), next to her is .. Kaneko Rie….

What a cutie! Mia and Rie are new cute Eggs I discovered during this concert 🙂 Rie.. where were you earlier? Oh yes, the random backdancer next to Yuuka and Momoka (MOMOKA< I WILL REMEMBER MOMOKA D:). Need  a cap?

Hello Rie. It’s not your best cap but nobody looks good in this dress 😀

Sooo…. next to Rie stood Manami and Kanon. Those two are well-known to me and easily recognisable 😀 Thanks God.

What the funk?! Group Bras d’honneur (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bras_d%27honneur) also known in my country as Kozakiewicz’s gesture or simply a wał? XD Thos H!P girls got obscene 😀
11. Michi Naru Mirai e

Another new and forgettable song? SKIP

12. aMa no jaku

I was worried about hearing this song live. It was the first S/mileage song and girls needed more time to bloom. But they did quite well. Not perfect, but good enough.

13. Enryo wa Nashi yo!

A Melon Kinenbi’s song? This can’t be good, right? *avoids tomatoes that are being thrown at her* (<—clumsy English grammar on purpose XD)

Surprisingly, I enjoyed it! With all the goofiness it’s similar to   Date Biyori from the previous concert.  Sayaka’s goofiness is goofy.

You simply can’t have a positively silly song without the crazy Konatsu 😀

Is it Saho or Sekine Azusa? ARGH… it’s too hard D: I think it’s Saho. *five minutes of staring later* Yeah, it’s Saho Akari.

Give me a break D: D: D: D: D: D: D: Can you make them out?! SRSLY?! *ten minutes of staring* Azusa, right?

MC – Introducing two fresh EGGS

Here’s Katsuta Rina. Tsunku definitely needs new glasses. Aren’t there any pretty girls left in Japan? Are they all in AKB48?! Ok, that might be too mean. She seems good-natured. AND she likes Kusumi Koharu. GO GIRL! >O<

UGH :O What is THIS ugly gnome?! Hirano Tomomi? Tanaka Reina is her idol?! And she’s the oldest Egg? Who needs her anyway?! She’d better show off her super duper vocals real time soon or I’ll lose any faith in Tsunku’s ‘genius’ D:

Tomomi stays in her NOT IMPRESSED mode on. I bet she’s just scared shitless XD

14. Yuujou Junjou oh Seishun and 15.  Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~

Both songs are wota entertainers. Possibly nice to watch and interact during a concert but not so nice to watch while drinking cola and whining on one’s sofa. It was re-played too many times for me to care. The end of story.

Dance routine to Ai no Sono Touch My coughbeavercough Heart

Not as good as the cheerleading from the previous concert but good nonetlesess. Unfortunately I can’t make a gif out of the whole dance so lets stick to the caps.

Posing is always appreciated.

Highlighting groups of girls makes the routine less chaotic and more interesting.

I’m not sure who it was but I guess it might have been Saho during a cartwheel.


Oh look! Mia in the front! Nice job 😀

MC – quiz

The first one to answer a question? My clever little Mori Saki. She left the rest girls stunned (Konatsu on the far left is srsly gobsmacked) and the wota go EHHHHH?! cause she obviously gave more info than was necessary to gain a point. Such a bragger 🙂

And who was the last one?

Poor little sleazy Irori. BAAKA XD

15. I know

The last song. Oh how I would like to do the oh yeah with them D:

Wait a sec…. give me some time…. Momoka? MOMOKA!!! And Kanon and Yuuka. This one was easy 😀

Wada Ayaka, Konatsu and … and… grrr…. I might have skipped one random Egg or two. Or is it Saho? ARGH

Ogawa Saki and Mori Saki. Now I feel a bit better about myself 😀


That’s the end of the concert. I can’t judge which one was the best one. All of them were entertaining in their own ways. How about learning new Eggs? I was quite good 😀 Lets see the list of girls attending the concert:

  • Noto Arisa – Nocchi the STFO girl
  • Sengoku Minami – the Ongaku Gatas girl
  • Furukawa Konatsu – the crazy one in goofy songs
  • Sainen Mia – the sweet girl with hair like Mitsui Aika
  • Mori Saki – my luvv needs more attention! ><
  • Kitahara Sayaka – the famous abs from Milky Way
  • Komine Momoka – IS NOT Momoko 😀 sung with Yuuka and Rie The Hajimete Birthday song
  • Wada Ayaka – S/mileage that used to be an ugly yellow filler
  • Maeda Yuuka – puppy face S/mileage and C/C
  • Sato Ayano – WTF? were you even there?! probably in some large group songs D:
  • Fukuda Kanon – me love ye
  • Saho Akari – the blue filler girl that sings in new Aa!
  • Okai Asuna – Chisato’s ugly sis
  • Sekine Azusa – hard to remember, IS NOT Tanaka Anri cause Tanaka Anri has a fang and she doesn’t
  • Fukumura Mizuki – ==”
  • Ogawa Saki- Sakitty’s poerful vocals!!!
  • Maeda Irori – the sleazy shugo chara that was the baka girl from the quizz
  • Kaneko Rie- the cute one with Momoka (NOT MOMOKO) and Yuuka in Hajimete …
  • Arai Manami – the bland midget with glasses

Phew, a lot of them to remember 😀


Listening to: Berryz Koubou ‘Otakebi WAO’

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8 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Kishiko  |  April 4, 2010 at 7:22 PM

    Is there any concert with the current Egg lineup available for you to cap?

    These posts are pretty useful for me. Associating some traits with particular members – like the sleazy Irori or insane Konatsu 😀 is the most helpful in memorizing them all.

    At this point I don’t recognize Sainen, Mori, Sengoku, and s/mileage except for Ogawa… I am not sure of recognizing Tanaka-2 and Sekine in a concert – although the latter one looks like the dreaded Okada Yui ~ so if the pic is good enough, I’ll get them right.

    Yeah, Rina looks kinda meh (the early photos are especially horrifying) but she’s a sweetheart 😀

    • 2. ladybird  |  April 4, 2010 at 9:06 PM

      It might be somewhere. There were 2010 Egg concerts but they’re not on H!O 😀 I’ll wait and update me info 😀

      I’m really glad that you found them useful. Sainen Mia was easy to spot while having Aika’s hairstyle but now it’s more difficult. Her ehad is kinda rectangular so it’s not that bad. Sekine Azusa/Saho/Tanaka are REALLY hard to distinguish D: Maybe because of their similar hairstyles. I need more time with them.
      Morisaki has a very characteristic nose. In a good cap it really shows. Sengoku is plain ugly so it might be helpful 😀 You can’t spot Yuuka, Wada and Kanon? You aren’t really into s/mileage, eh? 🙂
      Rina is a sweetheart? It might be 🙂

  • 3. Kishiko  |  April 4, 2010 at 11:36 PM

    Nope, I wouldn’t recognize them from such live pics. Unless they had their SCE costumes, of course 😀

    So, I have this pic. Who’s #3 and #4 and what differences do you see? 😉 One of them should be Konatsu, but without the craziness I don’t know which one it is.

    The rest should be –

    #1 Tanaka; #2 Kikkawa; #3 ???; #4 ???; #5 Kitahara
    #6 Momoka; #7 Wada; #8 Mole; #9 Fukuda; #10 Saho
    #11 Okai; #12 Sekine? #13 Fukumura #14 Ogawa #15 Irori
    #16 Kaneko #17 Arai #18 Akari-2; #19 Karin #20 Sato Ayano
    #21 Gnome #22 Rina #23 Sayuki #24 Nanami

    • 4. ladybird  |  April 7, 2010 at 12:58 AM

      Number 3 is definitely Konatsu. I don’t know number 4 🙂 Yeah, they’re similar but Konatsu is quite characteristic 🙂

  • 5. furimukanaide  |  April 5, 2010 at 4:23 AM

    And when I look at Tanaka all I see is FANG FANG FANG. I mean, even when it's not showing. I STILL KNOW THAT IT'S THERE. So i's not too hard… 😉

    • 6. ladybird  |  April 7, 2010 at 1:01 AM

      Hehe you have a fang radar or something? 😀 Sounds useful 😀

  • 7. kira  |  April 5, 2010 at 5:54 AM

    Lolz, i don’t think i’ll ever remember all of them, but at least their not AKB/SKE/SND48.

    Happy Easter and i made some easter eggs for everyone. please feel free to take whoever you want.


    • 8. ladybird  |  April 7, 2010 at 1:02 AM

      Thank you 🙂 I’ll take Airi Egg 🙂 Obviously 🙂


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