Celestia’s poll – my top 10 ever

January 25, 2010 at 8:18 PM 13 comments

Here —->Celestia’s Poll you can read all the information about the poll.  Celestia set a very challenging task. Choosing top ten H!P songs of all times is plain evil. I ranked the previous year’s songs and it took a lot of effort ( see top 5 songs to fight insomnia with , top 5 songs to torture old ladies with , top 5 songs to deflower hp virgins with , top 5 songs to reduce cellulite with , top 5 songs to lose your friends with ). There are so many categories, so many songs and periods in my life.   I had a period when I was obsessed with Lucky Cha Cha Cha by Mini Moni  and a period when I detested this song. I’m easily bored and after listening for the fifth time to a song I start to hate it. So how should I approach a ranking like that? Top 10 songs I used to be obsessed with or top 10 songs I like right now? I decided to balance it and give more credit to songs I used to listen to till my ears bled.

10. Buono ‘My Boy’

‘My Boy’ ranks high in most of my personal lists of favourites. The preview shook my world. With all it’s innovation, energy and angst this song seemed so out of place.  I couldn’t believe that it was H!P. This was actually meaningful for a change.

Yeah, it might have been wrong of me to not listen to your worries…
So of course, it’s OK if you can’t tell me about everything (source-http://projecthello.com/shugo/myboy.html)

The narrator is not one of those overly cute girls singing about popcorn love, everyday happiness and life being one time. She’s not the kind of girl who dies first in a slasher but the girl who laughs at somebody who dies first and than kicks the killer’s ass. A wind of fresh air in a pop genre, really. Miss Miura Yoshiko (the person behind the lyrics. Thanks Kirarin☆Snow for the right name :)) YOU rock. So why number 10? This song is fairly new and needs more time on my mp3 player to gain my respect 🙂 Right now it’s just a very good song I like to listen to.  I admire it but I don’t obsess over it.

9. Guardians 4 ‘Omakase Guardian’

Crazy as it seems (I don’t deny it) I love this song’s silly lyrics even more than I love ‘My Boy’s Kakkoiness 😀 You shouldn’t argue over tastes. Logic has nothing to do with it. I listened to this song far more than to number 10 and it’s a fact.  Nothing more to say 🙂 If I try to seek for reasons I get to the conclusion that it’s all about ‘makasete ne’ and ‘mamocchau’ 🙂 It’s so fun to sing it. The whole song screams positive and energetic. I really want to have a jump and do a V sign and I’m not ashamed of it (although my friends are absent when I dance to this song with a crazy grin plastered to my face).

8. Mini Moni ‘Mirakururun Grand Purin!’

To fully appreciate the beauty of this song, you must feel into the first lines sung by Tsuji. The way she delivers them is indescribable. She captured my heart immediately and holds to it to this very day. Mini Moni is the ultimate guilty pleasure. We all know it’s for the kids but who cares anyway. As long as it entertains me, it’s awwrite 😀 I even learnt the dance to Jankenpyon. One day I WILL meet Mari-chan and I’ll perform it in front of her. I just need to gather millions of hits on youtube with the videos of me staring at the camera.   Piece of cake =]

7. Morning Musume ‘Kanashimi Twilight’

Feministic badassness rulez!!! Look at them! Dare to say otherwise. They rock my socks. An they definitely rock their socks. I want a pair like that!  Tsunku should mix Shabondama drama with  Kanashimi Twilight’s badass attitude. Only Aika and Wonkyeyed don’t fit the picture. Reina misunderstood ‘sleazy’ for ‘easy’ while Aika is too young to understand anything. The key to success here are the guitar riff, great dance, great costumes and creative lyrics. It was definitely a step in a good direction.

6. Berryz Koubou ‘Happy Stand Up’

It’s monotonous but at the same time infectious. It has Risako but at the same time she strangely fits there. It has insane lyrics but at the same time goddamn amazing melody. Taking everything listed above into the account and at the same time ignoring it – I LIKE THIS SONG. Simple as that 🙂 Starting a concert with this song is a better idea than ‘Guru Guru Jump’, ‘JUMP’ or even worse ‘Lalala Shiawase’. Just skip the alien motif and it’ll be fine.

5.  C-ute ‘Tokkaiko Junjou’

This song is a milestone for C-ute. It has the greatest PV this far (I mean it).  I’m not ashamed in the least to listen to it with my friends and some of them even like it. The remarkable intro by Maimi, MaiMai’s lines, plot line, costumes I would like to wear on the daily basis, great hair – what’s more to crave? It’s the full package.  True life seek, my friends. True life seek XD

4. Zoku Viyuden ‘ONLY YOU’

One of the recent songs ranked this far even with Risako’s vocals. How is it possible? It’s against all the rules of the universe! But it’s so damn amazing. It’s a song that lets you get fully into it without a break for ‘Ehhh? Why the hell do they sing about the president?!’ or ‘OMFG what’s that screech?!’ 🙂 This song sooo needs a PV. Mhmm… Sayumi dressed only in lace jumping on a bed with feathers flying all over the place , JunJun with her hair down and slightly curly playing an air guitar while headbanging on a table and Risako in the corner with a paper bag on her head. Yeah, that would be pure liquid win…

3.  Kusumi Koharu ‘Koi Kana’

One of those songs that gets in your head and doesn’t want to get out. I know the lyrics and can’t stop myself from singing out load every time I hear this song.  Kusumi established her trademark – puffy dress, simplistic setting, catchy melody and a dance on a platform. It works for me every single time. But of course all good things come to an end.

Taking the opportunity, I’d like to draw your attention to Laura Vanamo – Finnish fangirl who sang Koi Kana in Finnish Idol and made it 🙂 Later she made her own version of this song. It’s quite decent. Take a look.

Laura Vanamo ‘s version

Kusumi Koharu’s masterpiece

2. W ‘Dekoboko Seventeen’

My favourite H!P member is in here! I love you Aibon! >o< The song is remarkable. At first, the dance and the tune got me glued to the screen. When it comes to lyrics, one particular piece struck me as outstanding:

itsumade datte mo  anata ga suki
kotoba ga denai de  nakisou
imi naku  imi naku  utsumuichau

http://projecthello.com/w/dekoboko.html <—— here you’ll find the translated lyrics.

Of course, I totally adore all W’s song. Matsu wa used to make me cry, Shiroi Iro Koibito melted my heart, Furimukanaide made me laugh and so on. But only Dekoboko Seventeen became a true obsession.

1. C-ute ‘Wakkyanai (Z)’

Isn’t it a weird choice for number one? A song from the times when Megumi was still the one with greatest vocals and personality while Airi still needed time to bloom. I don’t remember how it happened that I’ve seen this song performed during a Wonderful Hearts concert. I suppose it was when I typed Hello Project into the search engine on Youtube.  It wasn’t the first song that I’ve seen from H!P cafe but it was the first that I couldn’t get enough of. Maybe a part of its legend is the fact that at that time it was nearly impossible for me to have a mp3 version of this song. Computers weren’t very friendly, you know.  What’s more, I couldn’t find a translation. Fortunately, Hello!Fansubs proved helpful and now I can enjoy this song fully. Cute dance is something that we don’t see these days very often. Ooki na Ai de motenashite’s dance was repetitive and thus annoying. Sakura Chirari’s was just plain ugly while Lala Shiawase’s is out of the question. Wakkyanai (Z)’s dance manages to pull off cute without being boring or too simplistic. The same goes for the song itself.


It was extremely hard to decide on top 10 songs when so many factors counted. I discussed costumes, PVs, dances and members of the unit but in the end I took into account only the songs. I wonder about the results of Celestia’s poll. I recommend visiting her site and voting for YOUR favourites. Can’t wait 🙂


Listening to : all the songs mentioned above

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13 Comments Add your own

  • 1. furimukanaide  |  January 26, 2010 at 9:17 AM

    Wow, how can you put a song you’re not completely obsessed with into your top 10? I ranked my top 100 H!P songs (it took 2 months) and I’m obsessed with all 100 of them… lol

    I applaud you for placing ONLY YOU so high. But not for putting a paper bag over Risako’s head. That’s just mean. xD

    • 2. ladybird  |  January 26, 2010 at 12:55 PM

      I see a difference between being obsessed for a couple of days and being obsessed for months, years and still having the sentiment. Probably a different word is needed ^^ My Boy was my brief obsession but than it turned into solid bond 🙂 This is not what I can say about some songs that I used to be obsessed with but now I simply hate them XD
      Congrats on ranking 100 songs! I don’t think that I would be able to do it. I mean, top 10 was hard but top 100?! Jeez, impossible for me >< How can i compare Massara Blue Jeans to Yume to Genjitsu by Aa? I have greater sentiment towards Massara, but Genjitsu is a more recent obsession. How should I grade them? Grr… it's frustrating.
      Hehe… mean but funny 😀

      • 3. furimukanaide  |  January 27, 2010 at 5:12 AM

        Yeah I get what you mean, but for me songs like that didn’t quite make it into the top 10 xD

        I was inspired to do it after watching Celestia’s top 100 series 😀 it was really difficult, but I did it! I think I leaned more towards the ‘greater sentiment’ songs than recent obsessions, I mean the older songs were all recent obsessions at some point too ^^

  • 4. Kishiko  |  January 26, 2010 at 1:45 PM

    I haven’t voted for a single one of those, LOL. Guardians 4, come on! 😛

    Oh, and the paper bag is placed on the wrong head. Should be on the middle one 😀

    • 5. ladybird  |  January 26, 2010 at 2:28 PM

      Well, I’m not even surprised. There are lots of songs to pick from so I guess the results will vary.
      It’s illogical but I truly love this song! On the other hand I can’t understand why people like Nanchatte Renai or any of Momusu’s recent songs. THAT”S illogical XD
      No, it’s not. It’s on the right place. Sayumi is the prettiest of all Momusu! COME ON 😀

      • 6. Kishiko  |  January 26, 2010 at 3:57 PM

        Many choices indeed. I know Alienator voted Tokkaiko Junjo. And Goto. I wonder how artists like Goto will do in a poll like this.

        When you think of it, G4 does have one advantage.. Risako-chan ❤ 😉

        Yeah that precisely what Michishige wants you to believe, lol.

      • 7. ladybird  |  January 27, 2010 at 1:24 AM

        I wondered about it too. I contemplated a vote for Aya Matsuura’s ‘I know’ and ‘Chocolate Damashii’. Those two would rank high in my top 50 XD

  • 8. Miu  |  January 28, 2010 at 12:33 PM

    wow never seen wakkyanai z in a top ten before! interesting choices XD i can’t list my own top 10 cos they’re often changing lols.

    • 9. ladybird  |  January 28, 2010 at 4:08 PM

      I know exactly what you mean. Mine also change very quickly. This is just a try and not a very good one I suppose ^^
      wakkyanai z is widely underestimated. this song needs more looove XD

  • 10. Kirarin☆Snow ☃  |  January 28, 2010 at 3:50 PM

    It’s Miura Yoshiko (http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/三浦徳子). Japanese names are confusing, even for Japanese speakers. Miura is also responsible for most of Manoeri’s lyrics :D.

    My own top 10 is mostly non A-side tracks, and it doesn’t overlap with yours. 😮 Actually, I don’t have a top 10 yet. I have a top 25, and none of it overlaps with yours. 😮

    • 11. ladybird  |  January 28, 2010 at 4:11 PM

      Thanks, I’ll change it 🙂 Manoeri, eh? I knew about Otome no Inori being Miura’s work.
      I’m surprised. There are a lot songs to choose from. I think it’s amazing that many ppl prefer less knows songs over the mainstream 🙂 I might fall in love with some of the other people’s choices. I don’t know ALL of the H!P songs after all.

      • 12. Kirarin☆Snow ☃  |  January 28, 2010 at 8:38 PM

        Here’s my (tentative?) top 25 list, in chronological order, if you want to listen to stuff you haven’t yet: http://pastebin.com/f7cf1a3f3

        Narrowing this down to 10 is tough. :p

      • 13. ladybird  |  January 28, 2010 at 8:54 PM

        Thank U. I certainly will look for the songs from your list that I’m not familiar with. Those would be :
        I & YOU & I & YOU & I / Tanpopo
        Sotsugyou Ryouko ~Morning Musume. Tabidatsu Hito ni Okuru Uta~ / Morning Musume.
        Koishiteru Toki wa Itsumo… / Berryz Koubou
        Owaranai Yoru to Yume / v-u-den
        Ichaicha Summer / GAM
        Ai no Fune / GAM
        Seishun Oodoori / Berryz Koubou
        Arigatou ~Ookiku Kansha!~ / Shugo Chara Egg!.
        Need to keep up 🙂
        I was surprised by some of the songs that you chose. I thought I was the only one liking them 🙂
        Haru Beautiful Everyday / Kamei Eri, Mitsui Aika (Morning Musume.) – Sugoku suteki Suki yo – is my favourite line. It’s my second favourite song from the album after Genki +
        Hoshi no Hitsujitachi / Buono! – pure love. Airi rocks it
        Ai no Suki Suki Shisuu Joushouchuu / Berryz Koubou – the title gets on my nerves but it’s a song from my favourite Berryz album, although Happy Stand Up is not there 🙂
        Itsuka Dokoka de. / Guardians 4 – this song needs more attention


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