2009 rankings – Top 5 songs to lose your friends with

January 6, 2010 at 11:28 PM 3 comments

You look around in panic. Nobody’s there but you double check under the bed. Your room mates left an hours ago but you can never be sure. Is everything ready? Curtains closed? CHECK. Desk against the door? CHECK. The time has come and there’s no way back now. You enter the closet and try your best to stop trembling. Is it the conditioning or is it your sweat glands? Just don’t panic. Breathe. Nice and slow. Everything is gonna be okey.  But for fuck’s sake do what you have to do unless you want to be caught! So you take your mp3 player, push the play button and pray to all the gods of the world that your friends won’t hear a distant tone of ‘Mini.Strawberry Pie’.

Have you been there? I certainly have. I prepared to you a list of 2009 songs that when listened to in the presence of your friends, would certainly limit the number of your future birthday presents.

5. Mano Erina ‘Santa no Saxophone’

It’s a massive weapon against any bond of friendship. I don’t know many ppl that would say “Oh so you like this song, eh? Well, if it’s kinda…nice.” Usually they’re more like “Oh so you like this song, eh? Well, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, FREAK?!”

4. Berryz Koubou ‘Ryuusei Boy’

I watched the PV with a major WTF expression plastered to my face. Bashing about it in a post would be just too easy. Besides, most bloggers done it so there’s little left to add. So why, I keep on asking myself, do I like this song?! WHy the hell this tune is stuck to my head regardless all the shit?! Dunno. But what I know for sure is that my friends wouldn’t support me.

3.  Kusumi Koharu ‘HattenxJOY’

The ultimate guilty pleasure. What’s so special about Din Don Don Din that makes my foot tap to the rhythm? And who’s the guy that provides the gangsta intro? ‘You don’t want to mess with me’ wtf? I don’t know the translation but he sounds like Koha’s pimp.  Pimp? Hm.. could it be…

Niah, not really XD

2. Shugo Chara ‘Minna no Tamago’

My room mates reaction to this song was ‘Are you a paedophile?!’. The nickname stuck for some time == Yep, definitely a good song to lose your friends with. But then I almost blew up the flat and they called me pyromaniac so it’s fine now 🙂 Sheesh, glad they didn’t see my Riko Kawanishi Dvd D:

Pedobear approved

1.  Morning Musume (JunJun, LinLin, Koharu) ‘Guru Guru Jump’

Infective as hell and goofy beyond cognition.  I luv it.

My room mates after hearing it for the first time –

If your friendship is really strong, try showing them the live performance of this song. It works.


The songs from The top 5 songs to torture old ladies with – This ranking is about songs that leave you friendless and not about songs that will get you arrested. There’s a slight difference, but there is 🙂


Listening to : Buono! ‘Bravo Bravo’

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  • 1. Meyouu  |  January 7, 2010 at 10:41 PM

    I vote Shugo Shugo!!!

    • 2. ladybird  |  January 7, 2010 at 10:48 PM

      great choice 🙂 It’s hard to rank them. I suppose that the ranking of all songs would be impossible to make. Too much of it 😀

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