Airi and the C-ute backdancers

December 21, 2009 at 11:41 PM 1 comment

SHOCK! the newest song from C-ute now has a PV! The previous two singles were huge disappointments so I held my breath when I watched the most recent PV. I haven’t seen the previews so both the song and the video were new to me.

Gulp. The title doesn’t look too promising. Should I expect lyrics about electricity and love (Koi no SHOCK perhaps)? I already imagined the outfits…

Would YOU be surprised? I wouldn’t.

Mmm… looks promising. Guess it won’t be another Lalala Shiawase no Uta (Hell, yeah)

The setting is modern and at least doesn’t include cardboard or green screen. The outfits are amazing. Simple black and white (reminds me of the Forever Love suits but more feminine).  Especially Airi’s dress/tunic/shirt is stunning.

Airi sings the first part of the song. I guess Maimi is no longer the centre of C-ute (the duo of Maimi and Airi in Forever Love annoyed me – even the whole dance was based on those two being constantly in the spotlight). Oh Airi how beautiful you are.

Maimi is a great dancer – fierce and precise, nobody can deny it. However, her voice sounds forced. I actually feel tired when I listen to her (try Natsu Doki Lipstick sung live) so I’m not bothered by her not being in the centre. I bet some wotas will be furious 😀 Btw, her new hairstyle rocks.

Bwahaha… this pic shows the essence of  MaiMai’s attitude XD I just can’t live without a funny cap.

Phew, they didn’t spoil the dance with some silly movements. It’s dynamic, expressive and badass. Me want *o* Of course, it could be improved. It’s not as fierce as Forever Love or as epic as Tokaikko Junjou but it’s far better than some other songs. Beware of the lame moves :O

Ugh D:

Chorus is catchy. Especially, the repetition of ‘SHOCK’ – smooth and tasty. The whole song reminds me of Kimagure Princess – a bit of an Eastern flavour to it.

During the chorus and the interlude other girls got the lines and then the second part begins with …Airi again? Woah, this IS her song. Not that I mind XD

Dear Chisato, you rule my heart. The badass look serves you well. You just need a few more lines.

FAIL >o< Sorry, Saki.

The close-ups are fairly plain and bland (it’s almost like her photobook cover XD). I think the PV could have lived without this background.

Head banging!!! ^o^

Pretty Maimi.  What a delicious sight.

The PV contains a lot of amazing Airi moments that are worth turning into gifs 😀 Enjoy.

Spasm _o_

And now a full PV

Do I miss the former members? A tiny little bit.  Do I think that this video would improve with Erika and Kanna in it? Not in the least.

Do I agree with the view that line distribution should be more even? Yes. But only when it means that my favourites get more lines XD Hey, at least I’m honest. Does it count? 🙂


Listening to : Morning Musume ‘Kimagure Princess’

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