B I G to the BANG :D~~

October 12, 2009 at 10:42 PM 4 comments

I discovered Big Bang merely a couple of weeks ago. I got addicted to ‘Lollipop’ and then even more addicted to ‘Lies’.  It was something fresh. Those yummy boys…mhm… mixed with a hip-hop beat and drama. A  MUST SEE ^^ I don’t know their names, I can’t recognise all of them but I have some clue about them in general.

So recently I checked on the boys and was eager to see the  PV for a japanese/English song ‘Gara Gara GO!!!’

The title itself  ‘Gara Gara GO!!!’ got me thinking…


…what did Gaara do to you?! He’s so innocent and sweet. Awww…

But, luckily, it was some other Gara without double ‘aa’ who obviously must go but I’m still figuring the reason why.


PV starts with the boys getting swallowed by gigantic violet lips.  Man, Tsunku should learn from them XD


Oh hello there. Are you GD? Can I call you the hand-licker for the moment? Nice hat but please do something with the ice-cubes on your arm. I don’t know who told you that ice-cubes on your arm make you look more badass and sexy but he was either retarded or Tsunku… or both.


Welcome oilcloths 😀 Tsunku, come out come out wherever you are. I know you’re somewhere there after you had assassinated the real costume person and given the  boys your own costumes.Tricky bastard. You’re lucky that Maasa is nowhere around cause she would own your ass. Some ppl would appreciate that. coughpervertscough


Yyyy….  a really impressive collection of tacky rings you got there. The second one seems somewhat familiar. Have you recently visited a country called Mordor?

GDragon on Mount Doom

That explains a lot 😀 My advice, throw it into hot lava pit of doom.


Pointing your finger is considered rude in most countries, Mr Thick-Eyebrows-And-Nerdy-Fringe.

At this moment I began to notice the melody. Hmm.. yep quite nice. Very Big Bang. I’m not good at music labels. It’s definitely not Hip Hop. More like Hip Pop with some disco beat and a dash of techno. The electronic rhythm is very popular these days with the idea of going back to the 80s and stuff like that.  The Chorus is catchy and I still cannot get it out of my head ‘B I G to the Bang!’ XD Pure liquid love 😀


– the O guy (I’ll talk about him in a minute) and other boys also are sometimes given the electronic synthesiser voices which make them sound like Saki from C-ute in Bye, bye, bye PV. Not  a good path to follow.


Please, for the love of Kago Ai’s smexiness don’t go that way!!!!

–  The amount of English (NOT Engrish) in this song was disturbing. Okey, I want them to go international but either you sing in English or in Japanese with some English phrases. I don’t think that English speaking mainstream would appreciate Japanese phrases in a song. C’mon. Where’s the sense in that?! You’ll get all your fans confused.

Lyrics (source: http://minsarang.wordpress.com/2009/07/04/lyrics-big-bang-gara-gara-go-rom-eng-jap/)

You know I gotta do it again, right?
Aooooh Yeah
B B Big Bang
Oh Eh Oh
Oh Eh Oh
Take the party down! Oh!

Hot na natsu no taiyou
It’s about time hajimeyou
Time to party here fo’ sho

Take the party down! Oh!

Minna de asobi ni ikou
Oretachi to come on let’s go!
Natsu daze party time dayo! oh! oh! oh!

Soshite odore wo dance floor
Motto movin’ groovin’
Ikashita party

Say B I G to the BANG
Sawagi ga asa made
Just dance!
Gara Gara Gara Go!
Oretachi no way
La La La La La

Odorina my sexy lady
Moriagare everybody
Don’t stop now JUMP! JUMP!
Don’t stop now JUMP! JUMP!

Big Bang rocks tonight!
Oh Eh Oh
Big Bang rocks tonight!

Take the party down! oh!

Mou mune ga hajikesou
Oto ni notte ikou
Ikeru toko made ikou

Take the party down! Oh!

Soba ni kite give me some more
Subete wo wasurechaou
Come on and feel the rythm in ma flow

Soshite koko de futari
zutto bumpin’ shakin’
odorou yo honey

Say B I G to the BANG
Kore kara mada mada
Just bang!
Gara Gara Gara Go!
Oretachi to say
Na Na Na Na Na

Te wo agete my sexy baby
Koe dashite everybody
Don’t stop now JUMP! JUMP!
Don’t stop now JUMP! JUMP!

Big Bang rocks tonight!
Oh Eh Oh
Big Bang rocks tonight!
Oh Eh Oh (T.O.P.)
T.O.P (Hey)
My style, my stage
so fresh, so clean
never falling, just ke-ke-keep it jumping
see her, get low
long fall fo’ sho’
she gon’ make it go bump bump bump
so let’s go ya’ll
we gon’ let it all out tonight girl
see the name T.O.P up and nice girl
everybody knows we up, they down
so let me see you shake shake that around
It’s all sound bring the beat pump to the speakers
Man then meet the heart of the picture
GD is neat in the flesh top to bottom so freshly dressed
I am here to get down
Lose control take hold of the sound
Bring it o-o-o-offf the ground
Big bang no doubt
We gon’ turn it out for sure

Say B I G to the BANG
Sawagi ga asa made
Just dance!
Gara Gara Gara Go!
Oretachi no way
La La La La La

Odorina my sexy lady
Moriagare everybody
Don’t stop now JUMP! JUMP!
Don’t stop now JUMP! JUMP!

Big Bang rocks tonight!
Oh Eh Oh
Big Bang rocks tonight!
Oh Eh Oh
Big Bang rocks tonight!
Oh Eh Oh

I appreciate decent English instead of ‘Help dangerous Earth’ or ‘Life is one time’. Just one Engrish sentence

made me LOL – ‘Man then meet the heart of the picture’ hmm… is it a metaphor?



wpjwwThe setting must’ve been borrowed from Justin Timberlake’s ‘Rcok Your Body’ studio. Seems highly improbable. hmm… Most likely they broke in Justin’s studio during the night and boys already in the shiny costumes recorded the video and flew back to Korea right afterwards 😀 Yep, sounds better.


Push it, push it XD Most of the screen time guys sit on the chair and act all ‘I’m the most fucking smexy thing ever which makes Edward Cullen go emo again’

We know it's not true. You're much more smexy *pats on the head*

We know it's not true. You're much more smexy *pats on the head*

or ‘I’ll slap ya bichez cause I’m baaad to the boooone ZZtop style’






Hello the O guy XD He does it all the time. Not only in this PV.

Alright, so we have the badass smexy hardcore rappers dressed in ….


…gayish outfits (hello again the O guy :D) surrounded by…


…as sexy as Tsunku’s hairy ass Lady Gaga’s offspirng back dancers doing some awkward choreography or…


… blinded by their own helmets crazy road workers in swimsuits. Cool. At least creative and dynamic 🙂 Overall, it’s not Big Bang’s greatest invention and the song after some time gets a bit  boring but I recommend waiting for more from them.


Listening to : Berryz Koubou ‘Special Generation (Eccentric Remix) ‘

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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. isilwentari  |  October 13, 2009 at 4:40 AM

    You are delightful. I laughed so much, especially at the Mordor pic. I really loved Lolipop and this song, so I’m definitely checking out Big Bang lately. Have you heard the ‘My Heaven’? That’s a good one too.
    This song does get kinda old though, en? I thought it was just me, cause I tend to overplay things that I like. Love the raps, but yeah, the English was a little jarring. I was thinking, “aren’t they Korean?”
    Post MORE! 😛

  • 2. ladybird  |  October 13, 2009 at 12:29 PM

    You are far too kind. Thank U so much :* I should check out ‘My Heaven’.
    There are so many things I want to post about and at the same time do my homework, prepare my M.A. thesis, go to the rehearsals and so on. But I’m not complaining. I like to be busy XD

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  • 4. Konoka  |  November 15, 2009 at 10:39 PM

    Mr Thick-Eyebrows-And-Nerdy-Fringe has just realeased a very yummy PV:

    Although he still has the fringe xD


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