Frances and Aiko versus Koha

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Surprise, surprise šŸ˜€ Now, you have the living example of what I call ‘nyu chan desu!!! effect’Ā  šŸ˜€ It’s just a preview of what a Taiwanese duo’s PV will look like but you pretty much know the gist after watching the preview. [EDIT Full version at the end of the post! :D)

Let’s compare it with Hana wo Pun by miss Koha. Why this song? Try to stop me BUAHAHA XD

Melody: Both might be described as catchy. Koha’s style of catchiness is subtly different. It’s fucking annoying!

Chorus: I keep on muttering under my breath ‘Shining, shining’ and I stumble upon other lyrics šŸ˜€ It’s so damn good! Well, I can’t translate even a bit of it but I guess it would be something about Random girly randomness in a random way šŸ˜€ Can it get more random than Hana wo pun? God , please no!

that's not even girly!

that's not even girly!

Props: … should I even attempt at commenting the giant disgusting nose and Pedobears dancing ? == Everything that does not include the aforementioned elements is fantastic XD

Dance: It’s tough. Koha’s hand gestures are annoying but at least easy to follow.Ā  She’s generally good at dancing even if the dance itself is not challenging she ends all the gestures almost perfectly. While the Pedolicious duo tries very hard, it looks awkward. Synchrony sucks. The short girl just cannot comprehend the rules of rhythm. BUT it looks kinda sweet when two kids do it. Koha stumbling upon her own feet would be amusing but not in the same way. Is it a tie, then?

I want moooooore

I want moooooore

Appropriateness: I know that Mai is still a kid (I have a younger sister about her age:) but her style doesn’t suit this song! She’s just too mature for it. Genki hyper cranky Koha is like a daily glass of beer šŸ˜€ You don’t even notice anything strange šŸ˜€ Pedotwins (they do not look alike at all :D) are in the right place šŸ˜€

(a bit of a digression, I’m still listening to the preview and I cannot stop. My ears might bleed like any moment now :D)

WAIT A SECOND! But I actually like Koharu! What’s wrong with me?! Khem, ok I give up. I just wanted to show how ‘Hana wo pun’ was stupid šŸ˜€ The right song for a comparison is obviously ‘Happy Sunday’ šŸ˜€

-Props are almost identical

-Plot is also similiar. Maybe not a date thing but the whole getting ready for something. I hope that the date thing will not be the case with the pedotwins. C’mon!

-Voice. ‘Hana wo Pun’ had this frigging annoying 10xMomohelium voice of a supposedly Pedo victim and the male probably Tsunku’s voice with which every ‘Hana hana’ had a double meaning like

kid’s nyu chan desu voice: hana hana (in kid’s mind- a nose, a nose)

Tsunku’s pedo voice: hana hana (in Tsunku’s mind- it’s just a nose, I have two of them, one is hidden, touch, it little girl)


Frances and Aiko’s voices are just kid’s voices. Pure love. The same with Koha’s voice in Happy Sunday. Some might say it’s annoying but I love it XD


To sum it up – I still cry for Kirarin’s death but Pedotwins will definitely help me deal with it šŸ˜€


Listening to : wanna guess? *ears bleeding*

BTW, I don’t know why but Frances and Aiko’s song remind me of this one song I love. Is it weird that I love a Swedish song from Junior Eurovision 2003? Nope, not at all šŸ˜€

I love you Swedish girls! MARRY ME! I'll give U this!

I love you Swedish girls! MARRY ME! I'll give U this!



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